Monday Male-Bash?

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07/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1gop against women'I only title it that way because I sure someone will say that is what I am doing.  But I had a long insomniac night and feel ragged round the edges today.  This usually leads to some odd thoughts…so here is the one that fell out of my brain, down the nerves to my fingers:

Can you imagine a world with no birth control of any chemical sort — no pill, no herbs, nothing!  Also, there are no barrier methods — no condoms, no foam.  So just to be nice, lets leave STDs out of this imaginary world and say that the only consequence of all this raw, bare-naked sex is pregnancy, alright?  (Ignore the forced birth crowd and GOPs in the corner coming in their pants at the very idea, ok?)

Can you also imagine, in this world where women get pregnant or risk it at every sexual encounter, that also women suffer more obviously from the dangers of pregnancy — and the additional ones caused by FREQUENT pregnancy.  Not to big a stretch, eh?  Lots of kids, worn out tits, various uterine issues from so many births in quick time march?

Now, just try to imagine in this make-believe world, that it is the MEN who catch hell for the negative side effects like incredibly burgeoning population figures, women physically damaged by too much child birth, and possibly mental issues like post-partum depression on steroids as well.  Imagine MEN in this world being castigated for not “controlling themselves”, for not “keeping it in their pants”, for “not giving a damn about the poor woman or “being able to feed, cloth, and school all those kids.”

You can’t get that last picture in focus?  No, me neither.  So tell me the patriarchy isn’t in control…

Because, remember 9th grade biology, kids.  It takes two to tango and yet in almost every society, it is the woman who gets the grief for all the “consequences” of unprotected sex.  So, because the “ripe fruits” of sexual congress do NOT fall from the loins of the male of the species, idiot members of that group, like Erick Erickson has the nerve to talk about women avoiding consequences.  Yeah….I’m off to melt wax and try to NOT think about idiot males for a while.  And yes, this last paragraph?  A bit bashy.  Fucking deal with it.


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