Freedom From Religion, Please

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07/04/2014 by syrbal-labrys

interest in politicsYes, that IS what I would like for my 4th of July Jolly, ok?  No, I am not going to rave about the Hobby Lobby open-door-to-idiocy Ruling; I already did quite enough of that, thanks.

But I am concerned about how many ordinarily bright people I see sort of pooh-poohing the importance of that ruling.  They don’t seem to see it as opening a door, a Pandora’s box of misery.  Trust me, in the linked rants above are several links to better bloggers than me laying our the risks.

What worries me most is that people don’t seem to see that this ruling has already emboldened the Religious Right to ask that Obama pay “deference to religious prerogatives.”  Excuse the hell out of me; I didn’t realize that the United States of America OWED any damned deference to religious prerogatives.

Yes, THIS is what we get when we try to play nicely with the Religious Right.  Next, they will be demanding that the military terrorize and throw out gay and lesbian service members again. Of course, rolling back same-sex marriage would be somewhere on their list of “prerogatives”.

1wake up amer.Surely I cannot be the only one who wonders what the hell is wrong with religious folk who cannot practice their religion without stomping all over people who are NOT in their religion? After all, Americans get plenty pissed off when Iranians, or Iraqis, or Afghanis, or Saudis tell us what evil ‘great Satans’ we are and who would have us know our women should veil, not drive, and oh, btw, take off that piece of idolatry that is the cross. So, here is my question for all the good Germans Christians:

If it is all right to “infringe” upon the practice of Muslims by not acceding to their demands about THEIR prerogatives, what the fuck makes your little crew of misogynistic monotheistic bossy-butts SO very special that we should all just drop to our knees in acquiescence?

Cause me? I’m not seeing one whit of difference.


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