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06/27/2014 by syrbal-labrys

UnknownAs I said in a despairing post last night, I fear I will be walking more often to the heart of my  Labyrinth with names of military dead.  Ages ago, on Blogger I used to publish every name I got from the Dept. of Defense and other sources for the Coalition dead.  I’m fair angry and depressed that the names of those dying in this pair of pointless, interfering, bullshit, war profiteer-benefiting wars are scarcely mentioned to the American public.  But I didn’t much do that at this blog, partly because my own youngest son was in Afghanistan and the idea of ever having to type his name made my brain go Walkabout.

But here are the names from the last week in Afghanistan, just as a trial run.  These are the men whose families, who may or may not know what a Gold Star Flag is, are now in mourning.  No, I usually don’t add my own notes, but just because I think perhaps people SHOULD think of these as PEOPLE, today I will.

SSG David H. Stewart, 34, of Virginia

(What were YOU doing at age 34? My husband?  At that age, his youngest son was not even born yet — his eldest child had not began kindergarten. Imagine losing your husband at that age, ok?  Try it on.)

LCpl Brandon J. Garabrant, 19, of New Hampshire

(My gods!  Nineteen!  That is how old my youngest son was when these two wars began — and I lived in fear for him, if they re-started the draft to protect oil interests.  Now I live in fear of the young men and women of the 99% being economically drafted to die in service of the 1%.)

 LCpl Adam F. Wolff, 25, of Iowa

(Twenty-five?  I’d been married two years at that age.  My adult life was opening in new ways, though I’d been on my own since age 17.  What were YOU doing at age 25?  You were not dying in Afghanistan because a suicide bomber decided to blow a lot of folks to hell….that is what happened to the three Marines whose names you just read.)

SGT Thomas Z. Spitzer, 23, of Texas

(You know, the Marine Corps just says “died in combat operations” in their notices.  They don’t list hostile fire, IEDs or other specific causes of death.  Perhaps because they don’t want asshats with no blood in the game saying shit like “Well, hey, he coulda died in a car wreck here at home, too.”  And yes, I’ve heard that shit before.  By people who apparently think it should count less somehow.  So, no, I don’t always know what killed a Marine — unless I can match it up with a news story someplace.  But hey, at 23, how would YOU like to die?  In a car wreck coming home from a party, in a fall while hiking….or watching yourself bleed out cause both your legs are blown off in a dusty street where you were delivering food and medicines to Afghan villagers?)

Yeah, I AM just that bitter and pissed off.  And if we go back to Iraq?  There are going to be a lot more names.  I want you to think about those four names above and where YOU were at the ages those men died.  I want you to think of all the life you would have missed out on; I want you to NOT drink the fucking Kool-Aid of them “dying for our freedoms” because that is BATSHIT — they are dying for corporate profit lines and diplomatic swagger.  Oh, and yes, for EACH OTHER where we allowed them to be sent into harm’s way.

And we ALL should be fighting FOR our service members so their lives are NOT wasted in places that want no part of the 21st century and are only too happy to go on living and dying by 12th century values.  After all, over there?  When someone is killed in attacks there, the most recent way to report it is listing the dead men (soldiers or police) as having been “martyred”.  They might have the right phrase for it after all, but it certainly is not a modern word, is it?


2 thoughts on “This Is What It Looks Like…

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Cui Bono?

    As always those who profit from Wars never ever face the consequences or personally hear shots fired in anger or have family members in harm’s way.

    But, the “money lost” finds its’ way into their cayman islands bank accounts.

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