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06/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1iraqI was finally getting my head around letting it go here. Getting more involved in my own life and such…and letting go of a lot of the futile political shit that others do better than me.
Was thinking this might be the last year of an annual journal full of names of the young men and women killed in war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  That will teach me to think.

:::Shhhhhh!::::: You did not hear it here. But I am going to get very, very drunk now, because I think I will be walking that Walk in the picture a LOT more often very soon.

I am going to publish every name those blood-sucking chicken-hawk sonsofbitches in Washington D.C. sacrifice on Round Two, right here.  But this time, folks?  If we go back?  We will be there forever….


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