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06/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoIf this officer was winning and accomplishing his mission in Afghanistan?  Why is he forced out of the service because he had a woman — IF he proposed marriage, he was obviously single?  So why is it the Army’s business who he fucked for year?”    Is the military going to toss out on ears EVERY soldier with a troubled marriage?

Don’t hand me UCMJ, ok?  I KNOW the military law presumes to tell people what to do with their body parts — but in the main, they don’t bother.  So who, precisely DID this man piss off?  Did he step on someone’s religious dick by not marrying said woman BEFORE he lived with her in a war zone for a year?

I think I will be buying their book.  His story reminds me of the close ties between Special Forces troops in Vietnam — with the Montagnard tribesmen.  He also reminds me a bit of Sir Richard Burton in the British India — also criticized for “going native.”  And it makes me wonder, have we forgotten how to win wars?  Because this man sure was going for the old “hearts and minds” bit with fair success — and he got fired.


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