Whose Words?


04/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I see a lot being said about the new law in Georgia allowing concealed carry in schools, churches, and so forth.  I DO note, however, that to get that concealed carry permit — the people have to prove they are not ex-cons, and not under treatment for mental illness.  So, gee, is it “gun control” when gun lovers do it?

Why can’t people hear when “gun control” sorts such as me say “We are not all about banning all guns all the time, but certain weapons from certain people all the time.”  We are not all about “No guns ever, anywhere,” — but I’m sorry, who the hell needs an AK-47 to hunt deer?

And as for idiots who think they need that sort of thing and rocket launchers to “fight the government” — well, then, so we should scream about the holiness of the 2nd Amendment to protect seditionists and traitors then?  Cognitive dissonance, much?

Put that in perspective, ok?  Should we say it doesn’t matter if the Russians fly bombers over Europe, because, hey, they have a right to self-defense?  Even against Holland?   I mean, if THAT is going to be the argument, that anyone anywhere has the right to be ready to fight anyone else anyplace?  Well, we are all kind of fucked at that point.

Wake up, if it doesn’t make sense — shouting “U.S.A.” isn’t going to fix it.


2 thoughts on “Whose Words?

  1. Guns exist in urban settings for one purpose – extinguishing human life.

    Why should the argument for gun control be any more than this.?

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