Playing With Fire – Republished, Edited

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04/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

moral compass?Ok, let me say right now, that although I read several bloggers out of Florida and I have an old Army buddy who lives there, I have often laughed at Florida in great and bitter disdain.  The culmination of this was the Trayyvon Martin killing….after that, I kind of stopped having any expectations of “better” from Florida.

So, imagine my consternation to see the same senseless shit trying to shape up right down the road from me here in the Pac Nor’west?  A wee town…where I used to eat breakfast while on beekeeping runs, is suddenly getting ready to have something very ugly happen.

This February, a man in his early fifties was found shot to death there in his front yard.  The crime remains unsolved.  And less than a month after the killing, certain townspeople began grousing about “kids staying out too late” and being “slapped on the wrist” for alleged crimes.  The town wanted a curfew, for pity’s sake — as if that is really a sensible solution to anything.

And now?  Now, it seems little Orting has a sort of hopped up neighborhood watch, and a website where they post things to “those little rats **who are NOT good kids”.  They say things like “we know where you live, we drive by your house”….seriously?  So a bunch of middle-aged farts are stalking teens they don’t approve of and calling it neighborhood watch?  That’s some morality with a side of fear-flogging, you got there, Dudes!

Now, if any guy in the state acted that way on a website dedicated to girls or women of his acquaintance, he WOULD be called a stalker.  But because it is a bunch of males pissing and moaning about kids that they label “rats” it is ok?  They make noise about packing heat and such and everyone is ok with this?  Nobody sees a fucking tragedy down the road?

Nobody sees a problem with someone saying “Post pictures so we can all know who they are and harass them with you,” about people NOT convicted of any crime?  I’ve spent a good deal of time in Orting, but I won’t be spending time there now.  I’ve seen plenty of small towns that suddenly decide to hate everything different, everything young (and foolish), that blame everything wrong on “those damned kids”.  Shit like that is why I joined the Army to get the fuck out of Kansas!

**Orting folks say “rats” — a murderous homeowner in Minnesota said “vermin”.  Scary to know what is possible when a mere word lets you dismiss life.


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