Earth Day Dreams


04/22/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I know, I said “hiatus” — but it is Earth Day and I had to pop in; well, I was not intending to do so.  But then, this song began and it made me cry.  Yes, click play and then scroll past the visual bit as it is uninspiring and off topic…the song is the soundtrack to my my unhappy thoughts this Earth Day.  Gin’s voice, cracked and mournful is perfect to seek a dream passing beyond our reach.

“Dreams that we dream somewhere over the rainbow…”  Is that what our hopes for this planet now are?  Are we past the point of no return?  I suppose I am not scientifically qualified to make that call.  But when walking on my favorite beach and finding a pile of dozens of dead seabirds — the tears on my face say “Yes” to me.  Watching the cedars turn more and more brown every dry, hotter-than-Texas bit of our Nor’western summer tells me, “Yes” in crackling cedar fire tones.  Driving to my mountain and seeing no bit of the Nisqually Glacier at the top of the river bed, knowing the once famed ice caves of Rainier are gone….it is a whisper of doom in my ear.

I look at my big double-ended slipper bathtub in which I share baths with my husband to save water … how long will I be able to fill it?  Is it my formal farewell to the world I was born into, when water here was easy?  I look at my bee-embellished kitchen, as bees in America struggle to stay alive — they are signposts to the survival of life as we know it, and that stinging, singing neon is flickering.

It is worse because stupidity is making it worse.  The arguments and distractions go on and on, like Nero’s mythical fiddling as wooden Rome burnt so a city of stone could arise.  But the only stones rising now is hearts colder than melting icecaps — the rich that think wealth will insulate them from what they deny.  And so it will, for a while, perhaps.  Do they tell themselves “Blade Runner” fairy tales at bedtime, envisioning those found livable planets as a getaway?  Part of me wants to crush every space program on that chance — to make everyone stay HERE in heart and mind to clean up the mess and repair the world I love.

No space for me, even if it were easy; my love and life is here and if this world is dying of our own greed and stupidity?  Lay me in that grave with the last roses…


2 thoughts on “Earth Day Dreams

  1. eldri says:

    yeh, I used to say “First clean up your room, Then you can go outside and play”–to my space travel mad Science Fiction Fan friends—now, I think it most likely not even possible ( and, its *Our* room too, they should not get to chop up the furnishing because they want to)

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