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04/21/2014 by syrbal-labrys

(1) Mamas, don’t let your sons grow up to  be cowboys* — because if you don’t housebreak that brat, he will piss in more than the pool. (This is my father’s fault.  He taught my sons to piss off the deck rather than walking downstairs to the bathroom — and called it “the cowboy way”!)  I am incredulous over this — surely birds collectively piss and shit more in their precious reservoir than that kid did.

(2)Suckage on steroids, anyone? This continued tragedy sucks SO much.  Why the hell do they keep telling passengers to STAY put on sinking boats?  Why the hell do passengers listen?  And WTF happened to Captains, if not going down with ships, at least not leaving hosts of passengers aboard to drown? And also, THIS sucks so much that Dyson is jealous.  And this just made me weep for the dead Nepalese.


1attempting to give a fuck

And then, there is the category, “things and people about which no fuck will be given”

(3) Infectious idiocy is on the rise.  Ah, a critic got verbally bitch-slapped.  Shucky darn. And even more stupid?  A college dean is scared by a kid’s GoT themed t-shirt and interprets it as threatening. Talk about whiny wussy assedness…holy cats!

(4) Stop profaning my favorite sci-fi movie by calling him the “blade runner”, please; he is in my opinion, a spoilt obnoxious gun nut narcissist. 

(5) AND FINALLY, John Yoo has the fucking nerve to complain about a Pulitzer Prize award and dares, fucking DARES, to call someone else a war criminal?  Yeah, Johnny, you “ballsack-crushing-is-legal” fucktard, stfu and get back under your rock.

So, more and more it seems the lunatics run the asylum — and the wider world beyond.  I am going on hiatus for a while.  I am the drudge here with too much work, and I have too much hitting the fan just now.

So fuck it all, I’m behind on yard/garden tasks, physically fibro-flogged and just incapable of giving as much of a shit for a while.  I will be a EP if anywhere for a while.


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