What the Unholy Fuck?!


04/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1 coffee  to liqorWhen hearing of this story my first response was “Wait, what?”  And then, “What fucking century are we living in again?”  And finally, faintly, sitting down….”It isn’t April 1st again?”

What the hell, World?


14 thoughts on “What the Unholy Fuck?!

  1. fdchief218 says:

    I have to go with the Penguin on this on, Labrys; this stinks to me of a maskirova on the part of someone associated with Kiev. For one thing, while the Russians are pretty tone-deaf in some Western ways I think they “get” that its in their best interests not to give the West any sort of casus belli.

    For the other, the accusations of fascism against Kiev work in Russia for all the reasons you both mention. They make Kiev a good “enemy” for your Ivan and Nadya Lunchpail. So it helps Kiev to muddy the P/R waters if they can tar their Russian rivals with the fascist brush.

    And I have long since stopped getting “WTF” reactions to human assholery. Hating on people because of their color? Their religion? Whether or not they have a penis? That appears to be Human Nature 101 for about 90% of the planet.

    “Kill them all; God will recognize his own” translates into every language and still works to an assload of people whether the killing is done with battleaxes, AK-47’s, or guided bombs…

    • :::Sigh::: So I am the solitary humanist idealist left on Planet Earth? I GET that it is provocation…what I do not (ever?) get is the constant leap to ‘no holds barred’…and the fucking nothing sacred “reasoning”.

      IF as humans we stop being horrified by such behavior, our acquiescence with the same doesn’t leave much hope. We may as well all eat our guns now.

  2. tlryder says:

    I can’t decide if it’s the Russians trying to frame the Ukrainians as neo-Nazis so that they can justify invading, or if it’s the actual Ukrainian neo-Nazis getting confident since things didn’t go as badly for them as they could have in the latest dust up with Moscow. If it’s the first, that’s some pretty cynical manipulation of the world public opinion by Russia that totally pisses me off, because no fair yelling “fire” or “nazis” unless they actually exist. If it’s the second, yikes, wtf Ukraine?

    • Yeah, for me it’s pretty much the “Yikes, what the fuck?” No matter who’s responsible!

    • badtux99 says:

      The Russian propaganda about neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian government is for Russian consumption, the Great Patriotic War is not far from their minds and the UPA’s participation in it on the side of the Nazis has been a buzzing in their ears for much of that time. Unlike here, in Eastern Europe they nurse their grudges, feed them vodka for breakfast on a daily basis, then let them out for fresh air every fifty or sixty years or so before putting them back in the cabinet for another half century. Oh wait, that sounds a lot like the Lost Cause in the American South.

      Regarding world public opinion, Russians are convinced that the world hates them and that the world will never *not* hate them, so why bother? The Russians in any event are claiming that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis are trying to frame *them* (the men listed on the flyer were Russian Ukrainians) in order to distract world public opinion from the fact that at least one member of the Ukrainian coalition is a right wing extremist fringe party that spouts neo-Nazi rhetoric on a regular basis. The Ukrainians, unlike the Russians, *do* care about world public opinion, after all.

  3. badtux99 says:

    You have to understand some history here: 1) the Russians are accusing the current Ukrainian government of being neo-Nazis. This is because the UPA (Ukrainian Partisan Army) cooperated with the Nazis to fight the Red Army, and some of the members of the current ruling coalition idolize the UPA. 2) It is thus highly unlikely that Russians would print a broadsheet ordering Jews to register, because that would contradict their agitprop. Thus 3) The broadsheet was likely printed by supporters of the Kiev government so they could say “what, you’re calling us neo-Nazis? Look what your people did!”.

    Lots of that kind of stuff going around right now. Hard to know who’s doing what. BTW, all the people whose names were on that broadsheet said they had nothing to do with it and that there are no plans to register Jews, that it’s a repulsive idea and so forth. I suspect they’re telling the truth. They’re not that stupid.

    • I saw the denials of the Russian officials blamed. And while I get the history, just the very idea of somebody printing such a thing in this day and age is a shocker. I know it probably shouldn’t be, but it still is.

      • badtux99 says:

        It was intended to shock, most likely. The most effective propaganda usually is.

      • :::bitter laughter::: I was going to say, gee what DOES that “great patriotic war” drivel remind me of; one thing, tho’ about Putin: I find it rather frightening how many American admirers he has. It seems he is admired for being effective, of all things. For the appearance of strength, etc — this scares the crap out of me, if macho bully bullshit is suddenly admirable; we definitely have raised a couple generations too many on action movies!

      • Well, it worked. 😦 We were saying to each other, “Uh, not smart at all — do NOT evoke that memory if you want to get world sympathy.” The sad thing that makes it rather believable for a lot of folks is the horrid rep a lot of Eastern Europe has for anti-Semitism.

        Me? I feel time-flung back, not to the Holocaust alone, but to my own teen years listening to the song on the radio every ten minutes “The Age of Aquarius” — and I find myself thinking how idealistic we all felt then. And wondering now, what the fuck happened?

      • badtux99 says:

        The kind of people who admire Putin today are the same as the kind of people who admired Hitler for his “strength” and “effectiveness” prior to Hitler deciding to invade half the world. They were mostly Republicans like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. And the facts of Hitler’s rule prior to the invasions, much like the facts of Putin’s rule, don’t actually back up the reasons for admiration — Putin has been more effective than Yeltsin of course, but Yeltsin’s bottles of vodka would have been more effective than Yeltsin.

        Regarding the Great Patriotic War, it is embedded in the Russian psyche in much the same way as the American Revolution is embedded in the American psyche. They took on the biggest evil of the 20th century (other than Stalin), alone (at least on the ground), and were forcing it back towards the German border well before the Americans decided to put boots ashore at Normandy. Soviet forces caused over 3/4ths of the casualties inflicted upon German forces in WW2. It was the Soviet invasion of Romania in late 1944 and takeover of the oil fields there which broke the German war machine in the final calculus, once the Soviets deprived the German tanks and planes of the fuel they needed, their effectiveness was destroyed. We don’t know or ignore these facts here in the West. The Russians never do, and resent the West for claiming they defeated Hitler when they consider that they spent most of the blood and inflicted most of the losses that defeated Hitler.Thus why the Putin administration tries to conflate the current Ukrainian government with Nazis.

      • I know about the Soviet share of WWII — we did study quiet a lot of Russian history during our study of Russian to be analysts. Several of my teachers were Russian WWII veterans as well. I’ve often had to explain to Americans that we would have had a damned hard time winning that war had the Russians not sufficiently softened up the German war machine FIRST and at a terrible toll in human lives. One can fault much about Russia — then and now — but their courage and endurance is not among those things.

        And yes, the reason-free adulation of strength — wow, if only they could wrap that fucker in a flag, eh? He already has picked up the (orthodox) cross. Wow, it makes me want to steal a bottle from Yeltsin to go with my morning orange juice.

  4. Sixbears says:

    kinda kills the whole idea of progress, doesn’t it?

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