Had Enough, Everytown?


04/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I’ve long since had enough of gun violence.  I never kept guns in the house when my children were small, although I grew up in a house with all kinds of guns.  This might be because I also saw one of those guns at my mother’s head, and was threatened with being shot myself.  It certainly made me sure that not everyone should have a gun in easy reach, 2nd Amendment screamers notwithstanding.


Click the big blue logo to go find out how to fight gun violence in America!

So it should be no surprise that I absolutely applaud former NYC major Bloomberg’s actions to reduce gun violence in America.  I’m tired of the NRA flogging fear and owning politicians.  I’m tired of the attitudes of the NRA producing asshats like the moron in Nevada, Bundy, who thinks waving guns at government officials is in some way patriotic.

So today, I took the pledge to be a “Gunsense Voter.”  Then I set up a donation, monthly.  So, again, I stand before you — a rather Franciscan-like beggar, a pagan skeptic, asking so many of you who decry gun violence and death to go put your money where your mouth is and show both those useless politicians and the NRA that America does NOT have to be a constant state of shoot-’em-up to be “free.”


2 thoughts on “Had Enough, Everytown?

  1. Anti Kate says:

    I signed, and FaceBooked it. (for what that’s worth these days…)

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