Doctor, Doctor — Let ME Give You The News!


04/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1damnit im madI was a child of the ’50’s.  I grew up watching “Father Know’s Best” and “Marcus Welby”…ok, fine, also the Drs. Kildare and Ben Casey.  The later two had fuck-all to do with medicine, so far as I was concerned.  But as it turns our neither “Daddy” (thank you, Sylvia Plath) nor Doctors know best every time.

In fact, sometimes they are full of shit.  And they have been told so, in at least one recent instance, by the FDA.  A dangerous (and I’m sure profitable) procedure for women is now very much UNrecommended as it spreads hidden uterine cancers in some cases.

In fact, it seems that docs run about a 5% chance of being wrong.  One in twenty patients gets a diagnosis that is wrong enough to do serious harm, possibly even killing some of them.

I’ve been wrongly diagnosed.  I was dismissed as “merely stressed” when I actually had five cervical vertebral disks bulging and pressuring and killing nerve tissue.  Because I kept arguing and insisting it WAS my neck and not tension as the problem, I finally did get the necessary care, but three years AFTER the injury when some of the damage was permanent.  My neurosurgeon was delighted to see me get 65% of strength and function back — he found that phenomenal; I still wanted to beat my GP bloody for blowing me off to save my insurance company money.

I was told by three different sets of doctors and health care providers that nothing was wrong with my daughter.  I could never convince them that there was an underlying mental issue causing her behavior; it was all written off as “sibling rivalry” or “a stage”.  She is an adult now, permanently estranged from the family and almost certainly bipolar or afflicted with a personality disorder — or both.  When I last saw her she was drinking and taking prescription drugs, and her behavior was dangerously out of control.

So, do, oh do, let me give you and the doctors the news: They are humans, those who err, and not gods.  TALK BACK!  Especially when the docs want to prescribe the makings of Big Pharma without considering the risks OR when they want to KEEP you on certain drugs for life.


4 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor — Let ME Give You The News!

  1. Much like with organized religion, and many “spiritual practices,” and academia, and far too many other institutions, we have been trained to go to the Wise Man who knows everything first, before thinking critically for ourselves, and never to question what the Wise Man tells us (and it is, almost always, a man…)

    Whether it’s the priest or the doctor or the village elder or the politician, the best thing to do is first use your own brain, and then if you do need to consult that Wise Man, and you can tell he’s full of shit, to do exactly as you suggest — TALK BACK! You’ll likely be branded a loudmouth, or a heretic, or a nonconformist, or a problem to be dealt with… and to all of those, I’d say “Good! We need more folks like that!”

    • Funny how it’s all the allegedly wise men doing all the labeling, isn’t it?

      • Indeed. Perhaps they’re sometimes wise, but they’re also moved by many incentives to be lazy — and the well-being of the patient/parishioner/villager/constituent/etc. is often very, very far down the list of priorities for them!

      • I’d like to give more docs the benefit of the doubt about whether or not they care for patients; but I often wonder how much care one can muster up in the average 10 – 15 minute appointment.

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