Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe…


04/16/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1from women…and pissed off.  Specially if that “child” is a woman.  Especially a woman-child in Nevada where the oh-so-heroic (NOT!) scuzball Bundy too-cheap-to-pay-grazing-fees on land-that- is-not-fucking-his says he’d put the womenfolk in front as human shields to be killed first if the Feds come for his lying, seditionist ass.

But is should scarcely surprise American women, those who have been paying attention, to find such gallant males advocating using them in ways we loudly decry when it is done by religious fundamental sorts in the Mideast or political tyrants in other nations.  The GOP has been chipping away (with a jack-hammer) at the idea of females being people for quite some time now.  And now that ideation of that sort is out there in the American “aether” so to speak, it is going to be a bitch getting that genie back in the damned bottle.

The weeds have been a-growing for a while.  And yes, to a certain degree, being the old-school bitch I am, I blame some feminists.  I blame certain feminists for playing mind-mouth games arguing about shit like whether or not consensual hetero sex is really rape because it involves penetration instead of consistently attending to life-changing shit that once was primary — like equal pay and maternity leave.  Life changing stuff like fighting the religious bullshitters who think a few cells of life count more than a self-propelled, breathing woman.

But mostly, I blame a bunch of old white guys who have decided that by gawd, with all the darkies coming for them, they at least will keep those women in their damned place.  I blame the military for going backwards in time to my father’s era…or earlier, when women in uniform had TWO jobs: typing and fucking.  When the WACS were called the “whore corps” because it was a given that they were there as secretaries and comforters of the males.  MY generation of women in service generally did NOT deal with that except from the occasional asshole.  And there was always someone willing to listen to reason and make it right; not that it was enough to make me continue in a career when I was already tired of assholes, alas.

The new generation seems to deal with it ALL the time and again, a bunch of old white military guys are defending their little club, and hey, we know those guys all vote GOP, right?  Why, I don’t fucking know because the GOP ALWAYS fucks over the troops of both genders.  But hey, they know who covers their asses and butters their bread (and with the same dirty fingers) don’t they? So, American women?  1gop woke uo weomPlease wake the fuck up, ok?  When people can talk about watching their women gunned down by Federal marshals as if it makes them some sort of martyr-hero and get patted on the back by gun nuts for doing it?  Katy?  You better be barring the fucking door!  Because the GOP doesn’t care if you are civilian and a rape victim needing justice, either.  Fuck you, Honey, you slut.

I surely do hope that little purple patch of passion there is the truth, I hope NO American woman is buying the crapbuckets of shit being shoveled by little GOP twatchens (yes, I did just call them little cunts, deal with it); and please DO remember that the males of that species of asshat think throwing acid at women for political purpose is  AOK, USA!

1women votersAnd remember, the GOP is the party that supports the religious nutcakes who think female bodies are merely walking incubators. And yes, some of them HAVE suggested that women should NOT vote.  Obviously, as the chart shows, the GOP does not care what you THINK, nor about your right to be in charge of your own reproductive life.  So, think seriously about it and talk OUT LOUD about it from now clear through the election.  And yes, for pity’s sake VOTE.  I admit, I often am so low with the viral damned stupid I see daily that my own will falters.  1vote 1But you know what?  Those yahoos are going to go to the polls this November.  If they can’t put the blacks, the Asians, the Mexicans back in the “box” that makes them feel all special and in charge?  They will settle for putting American women back pregnant and barefoot in barely stocked kitchens.  So seriously, vote.  Because if you don’t?  Don’t come crying to me in the years of hell ahead of us. (And thanks to Yellowdog Grannie, from whom I swiped the nifty graphics!)


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