Monday Mellow — Looking For Mr. Goodnews

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04/14/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmStill coughing a bit of drywall dust here — trying to catch bits of the news without falling into a combo of depression and Looney Tunes style “You’re despicable!” screaming.

Trying to find some things being done that make it BETTER, likely the result of my last reading binge — a single book, a sci-fi about a group of virtual immortals trying to make it better.  So, here is the “good”:

So, taking composting to a new level should qualify, right?  Next stage, via a Japanese scientist, repairs the soil. AND, it reduces garbage to the landfill!

And I avoid plastic bottles when I can, but hey, show me shampoo in something else?  So this solution is golden!

Surely, a smile on a Monday morning could come from knowing that archaeology can make fundy heads explode by finding a fish with legs that is not a piece of plastic to vandalize on the car bumper?

And an idiot making money grazing his cattle on federal lands without paying the paltry grazing fee, who screams he has a right to do this?  He is about to get his come-uppance. He isn’t fighting for “our freedom” as the militia morons are trumpeting, he’s fighting for an almighty pile of bucks in his pockets — basically at taxpayer expense.  Like other plutocrats and oligarchs.  Fuck that shit!

And yes, I eat out occasionally, and without guilt.  Because I live in a purple state.

But then again, viral idiocy is still the “ugly” — like people who don’t want to see dead animals in a butcher shop, because it makes people acknowledge where their meat comes from.  Could just be me, but I think it is existential bad faith to deny that something is dying to sustain your life.  Either go vegetarian or face the facts, damn it!  The ugly facts have made me eat much less meat — perhaps six meals per month, tops.

So hey, go out there and make something better, ok?






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