GOP Killing Fields


04/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

gop-middle-fingerSo called conservatives should rejoice, I suppose.  My bitterness and ever more inarticulate rage is keeping me more silent all the time.  The sheer vicious stupidity of their “plan” — stomping anything Obama/Democratic Party in sight, like a arachnophobic doing a hat-dance atop a spider — is KILLING Americans.  But since anything that doesn’t make money and anyone who doesn’t have money has no value to these plutocratic asshats, they don’t care.

So a mother of three children in Florida is dead, thank you GOP.  All because you can’t see America joining the rest of the civilized fucking world in providing health care for citizens regardless of income.

And women have to endure more bloviating like THIS from men concerned with how they run their bodies.  And still, in the fucking 21st century, women are branded liars by sexual abusers — because hey, “public conveniences” shouldn’t talk back, right?

So women die, the poor die, and all this is “good” government?  I have to wonder what the fuck you asshats think bad government looks like!


One thought on “GOP Killing Fields

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Not to be to harsh, but she was a poor woman in America. That’s a double strike of worthlessness. If she was a minority that would have been a third strike.

    We have the Nation and Government the Plutocrats have always wanted to return to Medieval Feudalism, coupled with 19th century inequality and 21st century methods of control and theft.

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