I Can’t Even…


04/09/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1 coffee  to liqorIsn’t it Friday yet?  I haven’t had time thus far this week to take in the full usual array of news and blogs.  I might be glad of that, I admit; because yes, it tends to make every day seem about three days long.  But the sky is clearing outside and I will soon adjourn to the larger house that will be mine again this summer, to use a stain brush and other wood protectives.

But I need to share both the sense and the craziness with the few who drop by here.  The sense is contained here, in the article from which I lifted the below picture.


I can only vaguely guess what the basically inarticulate signs mean.  I do think marriage should be for “humane” beings; but I don’t think that is what that man means.  And the bottom line on the first sign loses something; it appears he tried to politically correct it by saying homosexuality “copied” animals instead of saying they WERE animals — but hey, I’m of the “We are ALL animals,” school.  And it looks like he couldn’t call nature sick if he wanted to say homosexuality was against nature?

The second sign is a point and laugh because neither of them can spell, but dictionaries must be harder than usual to come by where ever these two live.  And if they think their members of parliament (assuming they do  not mean military police?) are mentally ill for voting against something they dislike; one can only guess at what they would indict American Congressional sorts for doing!

::::sigh::: Sadly, I still conclude that Charles Dickens had it right — ignorance and want make for mean, scary “civilizations”.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Even…

  1. I might mean it panicked-like, lol. It has been a long while coming, but that surely doesn’t mean it will be soon over with — and ugly is an inadequate word for what it will be.

  2. There’s a lot going on for us to be outraged about. I’m concentrating on just a couple closer to home – the Pistorius trial and the Nkandla excesses.
    All the same, those two gentlemen in the photo are near neighbours. And plenty like them in this country, too.
    We’re definitely losing it, is my feeling. But I don’t mean that in a panicky way.
    I think it’s been a while coming.
    T in J

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