Bits and Pieces of Time and Life


04/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmToday, I worked all day on the kitchen job.  Sure, we have hired a man to do the fancy carpentry stuff and so forth, but we are doing some bits to help move it along.  Today, I painted the inside of the new cupboards and the big drawers with something called “teak oil” — a very thin easy to apply oil finish.    I also took fine sandpaper and steel wool to the antique hutch top that has been with us since 1983; it was looking a bit battered and grubby on the kitchen wall.  We did not want to remove it, so I balanced precariously on a kitchen stool.  Then I took the beeswax/mineral oil cream I am using on the new butcher block countertops to the clean wood.  It glows and feels like silk!

Fearing we might run out of wood used in cupboard fronts and backwash — and facing building a box around the new stove exhaust fan and a tall thin cabinet to hold baking sheets, griddles and other tall narrow things — I went scouting around the outbuildings.  I found three oak shelves — they were the first wood bought in our marriage for a house project.  They were shelves in our first military quarters!  I sanded off the deep dark stain and the many nicks, scraps, and failed to remove spot that proved too deep — burnt there when my daughter, at about age ten, put a lit candle on the second of three shelves instead of the top.  I re-stained them in colors that will match the new kitchen color scheme.  I rather like incorporating bits and pieces of our lives and memories into my kitchen.

Our kitchen has a lot of recycling — the backwash and door fronts are made of recycled flooring — heavy stuff about 80 years old, tongue and groove joined and very beautifully durable.   Much remains to do, and yet we so hope to be done by the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces of Time and Life

  1. It makes my heart happy to see the work that you and your husband are putting into your relationship (and it’s clear that you both have put much effort in through the years, too.) I smiled at the thought of the tasks you describe in this particular post — it sounds like fun labor, and that there’s a larger purpose behind it all is even more delightful!

    Wishing you and yours all the very best in this time of change and growth. Much love, much respect.

    • Thank you! Yes, it is a lot of work to repair things in our marriage, and frightening in scope at times. But we are working towards understanding and building without the
      phony building blocks (like ‘unconditional love’ and “tolerance” of the intolerable)that sabotage relationships.

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