There Be Dragons…


04/02/2014 by syrbal-labrys

here.  My skies are very gray today, and it is no wonder — an atmospheric low pressure zone is wheeling over my part of the country, as pictured in that link.  And yes, those great gyres of cloud and wind do look like dragons; oh, if those were the only ones threatening my nation.  Even if rain and snow were all we had to face as adversity, it would be enough in a nation where it seems fewer and fewer citizens can be bothered to attend to the job of being citizens.  But those are not the only, nor the most dangerous dragons.

When a woman living in her car faces jail for child endangerment, for leaving her children in said car, as she desperately interviewed for a job; but a rich man can rape his toddler daughter and NOT go to prison?  Well, I’d call that dragon plutocracy.

And when corporations (owned by the rich) can claim religious cause to further reduce workers’ lives to hardship and suffering? I call that dragon theocracy.

There would be no question of denial of such religious “rights” if the question didn’t revolve around wealth and Christianity.  After all, many less well known religions like Santeria are frequently told to fuck off — no animal sacrifice allowed, for instance.  But telling a woman NOT of your religion that because she works for you, she cannot have contraceptives covered by medical insurance?  Sure.  What is next, a Christian Scientist sort can refuse ALL allopathic medical coverage?  A Mormon run company can refuse to cover smoking or alcohol related ills?

When war veterans prefer the commander in chief who sent them to needless wars, to the man trying to get the VA sufficiently funded to care for their post-war needs?  I’d care that dragon propagandized idiocy, if not racism.

When the Supreme Court declares that money is a form of speech, and thereby free?  Another dragon cousin of plutocracy…oligarchy.

Dear America, can you not see — if only the poor go to prison and only the rich can speak with cash?  Ninety-nine percent of us are doomed.  


4 thoughts on “There Be Dragons…

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    The Koch Brothers, Tom Perkins, Paul E. Singer and any other Plutocrat has no need for 99% of society. We exist to provide them with what they need while they buy up Guards (The wholly owned Republican Party and Pro-Business Democrats). They want to recreate a Feudal Holy Roman Empire in which each Family controls his own little Fiefdom with the power of the State and Federal Government at his beck and call to quash domestic dissent.

  2. fdchief218 says:


    • Yep. And more and more, the frustrated, crazed and maddened reach for a gun — Ft. Hood is locked down and the search is on for the gunman (men?) after a shooting resulting in several woundings.

      Here we go again. 😦

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