Rites of Spring


03/31/2014 by syrbal-labrys

pearl topI wish I could say my title was related to ballet and dancing hooved creatures in the wood.  But no, the world has other rites of spring — sabre rattling, war-games and such provocations.  The last news I heard last night was of the two Koreas trading artillery fire over water.  So, in the greening of the year, after a long cold winter — thoughts turn to vehicles churning the mud amidst chaos and death?  Not my idea of how to begin an April Fools joke — though there certainly is no shortage of fools, in April or any other time.

I’m sure that crazy fat little fool in North Korea thinks a war makes a great unifying distraction for his propagandized and nigh starving people.  In truth, he has no damned idea; and the thought of such misery being unleashed again just undoes me.  Because war is never really over for those who fight it.  The costs go on for lifetimes, the bodies and minds of the young men and women usually sent to war by old men (thank you Cheney, you son of a bitch), carry the load alone for the rest of their lives.  And all the “support the troops” rhetoric means nothing when they come back broken.

Oddly, it is the Democrats who end up trying to help them — Obama has increased the VA budget by 60%; and yet vets think he is a lousy leader compared to Bush — who sent them TO the war that wasted their blood, their time, their youth and America’s wealth.  But yes, it is spring and thoughts of “statemen” — like that maniac in Korea and the ambitious one in Russia — turn to war.  I’d prefer ballet in the woods, thanks.  And raindrops on roses, and fresh spring leaves — but more teardrops seems to be what we all will get.

6 thoughts on “Rites of Spring

  1. fdchief218 says:

    Odd thing about this; it sounds like both Koreas were just kind of going through the motions. The NORKs even faxed the ROK defense command for these little islands a heads-up that the rounds were incoming. Everybody fired into the water and declared victory.

    It’d be nice if they wouldn’t do this silly shit, but if they feel like they have to at least the best solution is to kill the water instead of each other.

    So this one? Not so worried.

    • I sure hope so; but it makes you feel like, “Why…really, what purpose does this shit serve?”

      • fdchief218 says:

        As a kind of national dick-waving, I think. Let’s everyone involved swagger off boasting “We bad!” To a sensible person it looks like pointless idiocy, true, but that’d be assuming that most people ARE sensible.

      • Does seem everything is reduced to schoolyard bully behavior.

  2. E.A. Blair says:

    Sounds more like the wrongs of spring. In a in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, columnist Mary Schmich called spring the “season of discovery”, since when the snow melts, it’s time to discover what the snow has been hiding all winter – mostly frozen dog poop.

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