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03/27/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1kochsuchersNo, I really am not a John Wayne fan.  But hey, sometimes we could all think of our desk chair to the internet window of our lives as a saddle, right?  If we don’t “ride” a wave of change, it WILL all be a run for the border and not in a good way.

We could fight the climate change deniers by joining the Union for Concerned Scientists.

We could Demand Action to End Gun Violence, for instance.

We could make sure that everyone we know knows that the Koch brothers ARE TOO as bad as Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan!  For, you see, I disagree with the article’s light hearted saying they are not — they are worse.  People don’t realize that they can be killed by MONEY used as weaponry.

We who consider ourselves feminists could observe that gender policing is back with a vengeance — and react appropriately.  And I have to say with a fair amount of dismay that some of this is done BY women.  1educ wpomanI got an email from a casual acquaintance this week telling me the book “Understanding Women” was out in paperback.  “Funny” photo punchline?  A book about four feet tall….I was so not amused.  Branding women as crazy enigmatic ciphers of the human race does not strike me as the way to get equality…so yes, again, I am a humorless sort on that measure.  I mean, unholy hell — that shit IS so 1964!  And then, there is fucking Kansasas a woman who has had four miscarriages?  I can’t even type articulately about that brand of shit.

1proud tbAnd we could prepare ourselves for the midterm elections by standing ready to remind everyone that the GOP are lying liars.  Seriously, folks, we are getting down to last chance status on keeping a grip on democracy — attend and fight!  BTW, the ‘money quote’ from that link is my favorite: “Tax cuts stimulate the economy. In fact, Moody’s Analytics estimates that every dollar spent on unemployment benefits generates $1.61 in economic growth and every dollar spent on food stamps generates $1.74 in economic growth, while every dollar spent on rolling taxes back to Bush-era levels creates a measly 32 cents in economic growth, a whopping 68-cent loss on investment. So much for trickle-down economics.”

And look : politics with pictures!


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