Guest-Blogger: Voucher Schools Not Vouchsafed for Truth!


03/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

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My Manchild, The Pickled Jester, again has his soapbox stomping boots on.  That happens to me when I go over to Alternet, as well.  I’m on a therapeutic stomping moratorium just now….so heeeeeere’s the Jester:

The other day I ran across an article at Alternet regarding the voucher school system. The author focused on religiously run voucher schools – something that terrifies the hell out of me. The dichotomy in American thinking on religious schools is pretty much insane; we hate the very idea of religious schools in Islamic countries, but we fucking love religious schools in America. Because, you know, we can teach all about how Baby Jebus is saving America, saving the world by ruthlessly crushing dirty socialists, burning gays and lesbians in an effort to purge their immortal souls, and finally, by God we will rout those damn Muslims.

Now, even if we ignore the fact that voucher schools rip money away from public schools, and the fact that using public funding for religious purposes is a violation of that pesky 1ST Amendment, there are several other reasons that publicly funded sectarian schools are really bad idea.

Like I said, they take money from public schools. An already struggling public school suddenly has less money the instant a voucher school opens up in the vicinity. There are states that have a “no cap” regulation for entry into voucher schools – a terrific way to not only defund public schools, but to ensure that our young are taught the ways of the Sweet White Christ. Good stuff.

The most important element – if you ignore the Constitutional violation – is the quality of education. The world moves around a lot these days, the people educated in these places will probably move to other parts of the country; you cannot escape the stupidity. Trust me, I’ve tried. Why is the education provided so awful? The textbooks and teachers mostly. The books are from Christian vendors who evidently have a…uhh…alternative view towards what has happened in the world, not too mention why it happened.

The article linked above provides a pretty good rundown of one textbook. Here are the high points.

The Great Depression is Liberal Lie!!!!!  The Great Depression did not happen. Take that, you “educated” bastard! Thought you were going to be able to keep the lie going, did you? Well, White Christ is here to the rescue! The stories about the Great Depression are patently false! A tale concocted by liberal elites to spread nasty socialist theories and ram a bunch of godless communist bullshit down the throats of red-blooded, hard-working, flag-waving patriots!

Seriously. The “textbook” says the Great Depression, the worst economic catastrophe in American history, was a big, fat lie. Didn’t know that, did you? I’m betting that the Dust Bowl is a liberal lie too.

Nazis: Proudly made by Marx-Darwin Industries  Hitler was a socialist. And Marx was a socialist. And Darwin taught evolution. And somehow all of that makes Nazis a bunch of Marxist monkey lovers who started World War II. The authors left out the global love affair with eugenics – probably another liberal lie spread to defame America. (This goes a long way to explaining how they can use the words fascist and communist in the same insulting sentence.)

Freedom of Speech = T&A  That is right. The 1ST Amendment’s guarantee of free speech – that super critical element to democratic society – is highway to porn. That’s right, kids, porn was legalized under the “guise of freedom of speech.” Those perfidious agents of Satan somehow managed to slime their way into the United States Supreme Court and allow people the right to look at the human body naked. What’s next…will the 1ST Amendment be used to condemn religion? Is freedom of speech a gateway to heresy?

I am sure there are more absolutely insane ideas in these books – but I don’t have the book and I won’t be spending one red cent to get one. Maybe the library. Anyway, the author over at does a great job, so you should really read it when you have the time. But there is one final element that I feel needs addressed.

Iraq: WMD’s Since the 1880’s. What the fuck?!  These assholes love George W. Bush – the guy might as well be the Baby Jebus in the flesh. In fact the love him so much that the justified his holy crusade by claiming that Iraq had been creating weapons of mass destruction since the 1880’s.

To quote:

“The Bush administration turned to another nation known to have harbored and supported Islamic terrorists – Iraq. Governed by dictator Saddam Hussein, Iraq had been under suspicion since it was discovered in the early 1880’s to be stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.” (Isn’t that priceless?)

Well then. That certainly puts American victories in the region in an entirely new light. I mean, it is a damn miracle that our military won not once, but twice against a nation that has been hoarding WMD’s for over a bloody century. I mean, our victories had to be pre-ordained by God himself – just look at the enemy we faced. Those bastards should have been able to rip our military to shreds before the call to Salat al-ìshi.

Or this claim is bullshit.

Yeah. Probably bullshit.


4 thoughts on “Guest-Blogger: Voucher Schools Not Vouchsafed for Truth!

  1. Rowan says:

    I don’t know how they can deny the Depression. My father-in-law will be quite surprised to hear that it didn’t exist. Along with a lot of these. I guess as the generation that can dispute them dies off, they’ll get bolder in their re-conning.
    Good post.

    • I get so sick of it, we used to bitch about the Soviets re-writing and reworking photos in history books every decade or two. Now? Hypocrisy is dressing in the American flag — and usually carrying a cross.

      • Rowan says:

        Becoming what we hate. And not even seeing it.
        Sinclair Lewis…

      • And of course, this is the precise point — those things we accuse others of doing, we are just as liable OF doing. If we could recognize a common core of humanity…

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