Your Handmaiden’s Tale Posting


03/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1damnit im madSometimes, I think being female is sufficient reason for developing ptsd — especially if one is a woman of color, pregnant, or unwed.  So all three?  Oh, consider yourself fucked over.

And oh, Kenyan brides?  Start building the dormitory.

LionESSes, tigers, and activist nuns.  Oh, my favorite, finest kind!

The lying liars are still on about abortion.(Thanks Skippy.) BTW, that woman holding the poster saying she ‘regrets her abortion’?  I don’t know too many women who have had abortions who do not regret it in some sense.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t necessary, all the same.

But then, there is Schadenfreud Pie for dessert when icons jump the GOP sinking ship.


18 thoughts on “Your Handmaiden’s Tale Posting

  1. fallconskat says:

    yep….i can see some samurai on the other side looking at this and yelling at his buddies “look! look at what this crazy gaijin is going to do! what the hell…” *goes to look up the Cat on the Universal Memodex*

    “oh…it’s THAT one…now i understand…she’ll make it look RIGHT somehow…”

    • Pink is the new power color, right?

      You will understand if I go on with my traditional black and blacker…

      • fallconskat says:

        black and pink and purple mostly. and OH leopard print. gotta have the leopard print!

      • I am of the very firm opinion that any woman over age 40 should not live without leopard print SOMEthing.

      • fallconskat says:

        as i’m a good decade past 40? you better believe it!

        of course, i’m also starting my granddaughter out with touches of it here and there, too.

  2. fallconskat says:

    i think even Battleaxes cry in the shower sometimes, as they scream and beat on the walls.

    i know i do. *wanders off wondering if i can get a katana with a fluffy pink handle…*

  3. I like your attitude. And your sense of humor.

    This is so true: “I don’t know too many women who have had abortions who do not regret it in some sense. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t necessary, all the same.”

  4. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Well, if conservatives didn’t lie all they would have is their bigotry and adulation of the rich as the core planks of their “philosophy”.

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