Ding Dong….


03/20/2014 by syrbal-labrys

th_Turtle…the hateful, bigoted, hate-spewing “bitch” is dead!  Fred Phelps is finally voted off my planet by Death on the first day of spring.  I think I will bake a cake!

Do not waste your time telling me not to speak ill of the dead, ok?  He spoke ill of plenty of dead …and live people.  I am honestly grateful his voice is stilled at last; he left plenty of well-drilled propagators of hatred and spleen behind, alas.

2 thoughts on “Ding Dong….

  1. Rowan says:

    Seems they voted him off the church when they found out he was dying – somewhere they got the idea that he was immortal. I think the article I read said that it was one of the tenets of their church. By dying, he invalidated something they believed and they excommunicated him rather than admit that something they believe is wrong. What a sick bunch of people.

    And I wouldn’t dream of telling you not to celebrate. Even Death used a ten-foot pole for this one.

    • From what I read, he was sounding “soft” to them, asking them to go easier on church members. He personally said he would be taken to heaven by an angel — no funeral necessary. If he is excommunicated, does that free them having an awkward corpse remaining? They said there would be no funeral.

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