Merry Monday

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03/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1gop hateWe ate requisite Irish foods this weekend, not so much to celebrate Patrick, but as a perfect excuse to get a taste of Guinness.  And that is appropriate, because again, Guinness provides a class act!

I’m worn out with rain, and work, and little flashes of stress triggers, so I am looking for some good and interesting stuff to get me through Monday.

(1) Fred Phelps is going to depart this rock — feet first at last! This horrid man who created a cult using his own children and anyone unfortunate enough to marry them is enough to make me wish there WAS a hell he could go to now.  But I content myself with someone else’s excellent snark.

(2) Sikhs are nearly famous for military service, so it sure would be nice if the US could loosen up a bit.

(3) We just watched “Pacific Rim” with great enjoyment.  But hey, could we stop already with earthquakes ON the Pacific Rim …already?  In rapid sequence, first California, then Oregon, and now Chile and Los Angeles?  All I could think of watching the sci-fi action flick was that an opening in the ocean floor would set off the seismic commotion.  I hate when reality mimics fiction.

(4) Smarter people are more trusting?!  Damn, I hope that doesn’t mean I am getting dumber…I’m getting less trusting.  And if ravens and crows can resist temptation — so can we?  Go science!

(5) And finally, the “freud” part of Schadenfreud!  GOPs being..well, lying liars.


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