“The Game Is….


03/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1keep calmafoot a-wing?”  How does something as large as a Boeing 777 vanish?  In an era when my very email and phone calls are spiraling into banks of intelligence agencies, and presumably every thought I submit to type is no longer private?  With satellites overhead that can supposedly photograph a gnat’s ass, how does something as large as a giant jetliner disappear?

I’ve watched this story unfold/unravel for a week now.  About four days ago, I asked my menfolk — “Where could they take a 777 if they STOLE it?” (Let now ensue the ‘Fly it like you stole it” jokes?)  And more grimly, I wondered “What happened to the 239 people aboard?”

I’ve been sunk in depression from other sources in my life for the last few days, and so my brain is not firing on all cylinders.  But the old analyst-bits keep trying to spark brightly: Who would steal a jetliner?  Where could they take it where it either wouldn’t be seen or those who saw it wouldn’t talk about it?  WHY would they take it?

The last one inspired some horror, let me tell you.  The planes flown into the Twin Towers were not this big and only had jet fuel as accelerant.  What could someone sufficiently pissed off do with something as big as a Boeing Triple-7 full of explosives?  I sincerely hope, sad as it is to say, that this jet is down and dead somewhere in the seas rather than that scenario find life!  But then, another thought occurred to me. Would we be told IF it had been found?  Or would governments cover up the actual disposition of the jet to keep many a population from panicking at the idea of such a jet inbound full of explosives and anger?

Time, perhaps, to consider that TSA-ish security theater aside, there is no safety possible if there are those determined enough to die and kill without qualm; so perhaps it is time to start listening to the marginalized peoples who have so little to lose that they don’t care who or what they take with them?  But no, that would be too likely to actually succeed.  I imagine the next round will involve examining pilots to within an inch of wanting flight-trained  robots instead of people!  If an airliner can be stolen out of the clear blue skies….

4 thoughts on ““The Game Is….

  1. fallconskat says:

    you and TheEngineer are thining along parallel lines here. and i hope that both of you are wrong, wrong, wrong. his estimation is that it would take about 3 weeks to outfit a plane for such ugliness, and that lines up with May Day.

    his thought is that china is the target.

    • I honestly believe the plane is down, dead. May not have been the intent of who took it, but my gut feeling is that they fucked up. And I’m not sure why China would be the target. If China was the target, it would’ve been easier to fly the plane where it was supposed to be going and diverge at the last minute. Not sure what the target might have originally been, but I think this jet and everybody on it is dead. it’s hard to track applying while it’s in the air, but finding one on the ground is a lot easier because there are a lot of satellites up there taking pictures. If it was on the ground they would have found it by now.

      • fallconskat says:

        i tell him that but…Engineer. hardheaded mexican that he is… *eyeroll* (we really ARE going to keep the eyewash people in business…)

      • It would take a huge hangar to hide that jet. They are now searching West of Australia–there was another oil slick, I believe.

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