Conscience Creep: How “Religious Freedom” Spiraled Out of Control

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03/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys


Sorry Mary - Straights Only Secular Americans and many liberal people of faith have been horrified by the Right’s most recent ploy: “religious freedom” claims that would give conservative business owners license to discriminate. Until Arizona made the national spotlight , the need for lunch counter sit-ins had seemed like a thing of the past. But in reality, advocates for religious privileges have been circling toward this point for some time.

As a legal and political tactic, Tea Party politicians and conservative Church leaders have high hopes for their “religious freedom” push. What they want broadly is a set of legal agreements that elevate religious beliefs above human rights laws and civic obligations. They hope that securing absolute religious rights will let them roll back rights for queers and women. They further hope that playing the “religious freedom” card will guarantee them access to government contracts and will let them continue to proselytize on the…

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