Just a Bit of Lenten Thinking


03/09/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1churches were taxedIt is better to give than to receive.  Yes, I like presents and I do get a bigger charge, usually, out of giving them than getting them.  A lesson the holy-rollers of all sorts could take to heart….and give unto fucking Caesar Uncle Sugar so he can take care of some American business that their gentle Jesus would have approved of fully!

Goodness knows, the only time THEY want to talk about separation of Church and State is when the tax bill is due.  So since they want to play politics and they won’t get their rosaries off the ovaries of every woman in sight?  I say TAX ’em.

After all, I had to pay MY taxes this year, and every year…I get no credit for supporting my grown and militarily medically disabled son thus saving other taxpayers his keep.  So why don’t the preachers all just do the right thing and put THEIR money where their mouths are; if they want to bitch so much about governance in this country, they should PAY taxes for the privilege like all us ‘little people.’


2 thoughts on “Just a Bit of Lenten Thinking

  1. tengrain says:

    …get their rosaries off the ovaries of every woman in sight

    That is one of the best phrases I’ve ever read to describe what is going on. I will give you credit when I use it. (And I will!)



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