Friday Fuckitude – Military Rape Victims Fucked Again By the Senate

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03/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

bMilbrD20130508_lowWell, the Senate just won’t disempower military commanders’ privilege to overturn convictions in their units.  Any crime punishable by more than one year of prison can be appealed to a commander, who may overturn the decision of military judges.  Nowhere has this been more divisive and devastating than in military sexual assault cases.

Sexual assault has never been such a problem as it has in this last pair of wars.  When in countries where women are generally unavailable, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems there are many who think their military companions are fair game — generally the female ones, but not only the women.  This does not mean native women have not been raped… and murder of the victim AND family was one infamous result.

But for now, the effort to stop (mostly male) commanders from vacating convictions sometimes on little more than “boys will be boys; the ‘girls’ knew that when they joined up’ is still in force.  This, in spite of the sexual victimization routine going as high as general grade officers coercing female subordinates for sex and threatening them with death!  The officers in CHARGE of cutting sexual abuse in both the Air Force and the Army have actually been guilty OF sexual misconduct!

Pity hat-pins can’t come back into fashion for the military berets, ladies.  I imagine some inflated egos AND other things could be suitably punctured.


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