Ashes, Ashes — On A Rant-o-Ramic Wednesday


03/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuckI’m  not Catholic.  But it is Ash Wednesday, so I am thinking about things that make me feel like my mouth is full OF ashes.  And yes, of some things about which I simply cannot afford to give a fuck about.

Right off the bat, I really don’t give a fuck who did what at the Oscars, or what celebrity did something stupid this year, ok?  I don’t really give a fuck about various ‘fandoms’ either because I am eyebrow deep in reality.

I also, somewhat heartlessly, don’t really give a fuck what Hamid Karzai thinks about how the war has gone for his country.  He is pissing at Obama; he should have not listened the the MadCowboy, maybe?  Yes, he has seen over 13,000 of his forces die and more civilians.  Hey — welcome to war; did you all forget the Russians, already?  Did you really think signing up with Bush & Co. was going to be sweetness and light?

I don’t really give a fuck if the UN thinks my state is wrong to legalize pot.  Because in the scope of things?  Whether someone gets high means less to me than whether some asshat somewhere can sell his daughter to pay debts or fuck his child-bride to death, so UN?  When you address REAL shit like that? Then you can come bitch at my state legalizing marijuana; till then?  Fuck off…I’m sure Amsterdam gives a similar lack of fuck on your opinion.

I am just about fucking sick of environmentally correct sorts telling me I am the “problem” for “living in the suburbs“, too.  It was NOT suburban when I moved here, but rural.  I couldn’t AFFORD to live in your vaunted goddamned cities, thank you….in 1987 when we bought this house (a wreck in need of work and with NO landscaping —hell, not even soil on the lot) for $70,000, a place in any city that was NOT in a drug-gang-infested neighborhood was TWICE that price.  We couldn’t afford it.  And later, as the suburbs grew into our rural?  We couldn’t afford to move, and now, facing retirement, still cannot.  So, Bite Me, Grist —it is frankly too late to tell Tacoma, Washington to “plan their city”.  I intend to waste not one more fuck OR minute being judged by the likes of you!  The 20/20 hind-sighters can kiss my hindquarters.

I also don’t give a fuck about bloggers asking me if I am “eating ethically” because restaurant servers and bus-boys are paid shit.  I eat out rarely and NO, there is NO PLACE in the state where a living wage is paid to food services folks, thanks.  Are you oh-so-fucking-ethical sorts telling me it’s more ethical to never eat out at all so restaurants close down and there is NO job?  Here in Washington, hardly anyone at any entry level job gets a livable wage. (Even STATE jobs pay $12 or less per hour.  That doesn’t pay rent, groceries,  health insurance (required now) transportation and gods’ forbid anything like child support at all.)  So telling me not to eat out is scarcely a solution for folks whose only money comes from minimum wage pay and the 20% or more tip that I leave.

I don’t care about other bloggers telling me to shop with glass mason jars so I don’t make trash.  Seriously?KissIt  Are you fucking kidding?  The scales at the registers don’t subtract the jar; I’d be paying double for the bulk foods I use to SAVE myself some bucks so I can cover ALL the needs of my family.  And that is if the grocery store even LET me put food in my own jars.  Also,  do you know how MUCH food in how MANY jars we would be talking about?  Do you know how heavy and breakable that bag of jars would be? I recycle, garden, go as green as I can afford, and do my best, but get real.  Shit like that is what makes people on the Right think that all of us to the Left are a bunch of fucking idiots and nutjobs.  An awful lot of folks are MUCH more invested in getting ENOUGH food to the home table, instead of being properly “organic”, cage-free or packaging free about it.  So that self righteous fanaticism about carrying bags of Mason jars into the grocery stores?  You go right on feeling oh-so-eco-edgy proper, ok; but as for telling ME to do the same or feel guilty?  Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

I DO give a fuck about a lot of the human misery I see in the world…in Africa, in the Ukraine, in Venezuela.  But I don’t really give a fuck about signing too many petitions and that is because the people in those countries don’t give fuck about reading petitions.  They are very much the “power comes from the end of a gun” sorts, you see?  And that is the OTHER thing I give a fuck about — not sending more Americans every-fucking-where to try solving problems with guns because that is never the real solution.  And also, because just like on airplanes when the oxygen masks come down?  Get yourself out of anoxia FIRST — and America, if you think we are not in “that” trouble yet?  Stop watching Fox News, ok?

guns _ womenAfter all, IF guns were a real solution, America would have NO problems, because we have a fucking lot of guns and all we have to show for it is a lot of dead people who died too young.  But no, guns are COOL — just like dead bodies.  The real problem is obviously women not having enough babies to prove that every sperm is sacred right?

I give a fuck about things propelling my country off a cliff.   I give a fuck about corporate thugs making money exporting jobs and politicians and preachers making money by keeping the desperate workers from strangling all of them with their own guts.

I give a fuck about people being “branded” in ways that allow them to be increasingly marginalized.  But there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it.  For instance, DSHS doesn’t care if a man is disabled and thus cannot do his former job to pay child support.  And if he, or I, cry foul — some feminist will climb up our asses for asking about men’s rights — by the way, many of those are HUMAN rights — thank you very much.   I’ve had the bizarre experience of arguing for men’s rights to fairness under law and been called names, and simultaneously told I was a bad feminist for NOT supporting Moslem women wearing veils.  Because, right, a religious rule they accept that keeps women in subjection is ok; but asking for legal rights for ALL is wrong?  So, no, I don’t rightly give a fuck about feminists who have become ideologues who cannot even consider listening to people talking about human rights for BOTH men and women.

Ok, that last bit was a lie.  I do give a fuck.  1dont judgeThat is precisely what I give.  A fuck-them.  Because if it was wrong for the male half of the species to fuck over the female half for the last five or six thousand years; why is it suddenly ok for the female half to return that ‘favor’ for as long as they can get away with it?  So, sure, by now you readers, especially feminists, are saying “Well, she is just melting down, isn’t she?”

Well, yes, I fucking well am.  Because when the once “rebel” becomes the very thing that was rebelled against?  There is a problem. And because I am one of the fortunate ones in my society — not  rich, but keeping heads above water and wolves from our door.  Thus far, anyhow.  And yet, I see both men and women all around me sinking — regardless of gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, or race.  And when you call for a referee, you get a bureaucratic “Fuck off!” from virtually everyone; there is no help.  All there is now in America is valuation by MONEY.

So, the saying now cannot be “Do you feel lucky?”  Everything is for sale, nothing is free by dint of being American — not even privacy.  The question now is, “Do you feel rich enough?”  And for 99% of us, the answer is NO.  The one percent?  They need more, because eventually, they will need to be able to outrun, outfly the reach of the increasingly dispossessed, so their answer is “Hell, no!” and they will keep taking more and more money out of the system that is supposedly there for everyone.

So yes, like the nursery rhyme, sooner or later, we are all going to fall down… ashes of the American Dream.  I can taste the ashes already.

6 thoughts on “Ashes, Ashes — On A Rant-o-Ramic Wednesday

  1. fdchief218 says:

    Can’t really disagree with anything here, I’m sorry to say. It’s a bleak sort of Lenten season.

    Well, only, perhaps, that what’s catching your son may not be so much “gotcha-feminism” as what is catching our corporate overlords when they start fulminating about “excessive regulation”.

    Well, they get caught by the regulatory balls because their fathers and grandfathers didn’t give a shit; they dumped and poured and generally treated the rest of the world outside their own manicured communities like it was their own private shithole and poisoned it. Pretty much every environmental regulation on the books was created because some rich, entitled asshole’s company dumped their toxic shit on someone somewhere.

    Some of this regulation has gone way beyond its original intent – but the original regulation is there because someone was being dickish.

    Same with men and child support. So many guys were dickish about it, didn’t pay it, tried a gajillion ways to get out of it that I think the system became locked into this mindset that “he’s not paying because he’s a dick” rather than because he’s broke, or injured, or sick, or out of work. So guys down on their luck get caught in a system designed around deadbeats and dicks.

    Unfair? Hell, yeah. But at least you can see how it got there other than just by vindictive wimmens wanting to dick-slap men for pure revenge…

    • Oh, absolutely…I know it was feminism that put the “What a fucking deadbeat”-tude into the child support regs. But it is gotcha ideologues who bushwhack you when you say “Hey, that is NOT who/what he is; he does not have a weekly under the table job, he is not living it up in Reno, damn it.” I actually had one obnoxious bitch get in my grill and snarl “Well then how IS he living?” And when I said we had taken him in and were supporting him, she flatly told me “Parents don’t do that, you are lying to cover his assets.”


      Assets? He owns a pile of books, his clothing, a computer we bought FOR him, and some weights. He owns music he has purchased since his teen years.

      But no, this is the attitude he meets when he calls DSHS — that he is a liar, obviously someone escaping their radar, but not REALLY because “by god they will learn him better.” At one point? The case worker he had was a good friend of his ex-mother-in-law; she rigged the paperwork to say he had not paid child support for the whole first 15 months after the split. There were cancelled checks, which this woman and the ex claimed with “gifts.”

      Right, because every abandoned GI husband/father “gifts” his ex with $550 a month. And HE is the one being labeled a liar?

  2. Sixbears says:

    Fine rant. One year, for Lent, I gave up the Catholic Church.

    As for ecological correctness . . . sigh. . . it has become more of a political correctness thing than an actual ecological thing. I live off grid in the freaking woods and still get crap because I don’t belong to the right save-the-something group.

    When the whole system is set up against a natural way of life, eveyone is going to be less than perfect.

    • Yes, I also gave up Catholicism for lent, once upon a time, about 25 years ago. I’m really sick of every movement for something positive turning into an ideology of idiocy. I’ll keep up the good fight, but I’ll be damned if I’ll have a bunch of ideologues telling me how to fight it.

  3. Podunk Paul says:

    I can’t understand why you don’t give a fuck about celebrities. And I suppose you feel the same way about “Seven habits of confident people,” “The grammar mistakes you’re probably making,” and “Barbara Bush may be OK with Jeb Bush running In 2016, after initial opposition” (Courtesy of Huffington Post).

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