Hey, United Kingdom?


03/04/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoHey, Britain?  Shut up, ok?  Just shut the fuck up, NOW.  Really, your response to the Ukrainian mess hissing and glowing like a pressure cooker about to blow is to tell the Ukrainians not to be provoked?

The Russians are stomping around on THEIR soil, armed, and occasionally firing shots over their heads….how’s about telling the Russians to stop being provocative?

But, fuck no, couldn’t do THAT.   I betcha you tell women to not wear short skirts to avoid rape, too, eh?  But something is flawed in that logic, because that is telling women to not be provocative, right?  Does this mean you should tell rapists to stop being  provoked?  Come on, pick one “logic” or the other — no fair switching back and forth; EITHER men can’t rape women for being provocative AND Russia can’t shake her military ass in the Ukraine, while claiming to be victims in need of defense OR the Ukrainians are perfectly within their rights as a sovereign nation to kick those Russian tarts provocateurs as hard as they can.


2 thoughts on “Hey, United Kingdom?

  1. pjvj says:

    OMGs the photo is hilarious! And the message is right.

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