Melancholic Monday


03/03/2014 by syrbal-labrys

There will be bloodshed in Crimea.  Frankly, I think it will be wasted blood — the Ukraine should make a defensible line OFF the Crimean Peninsula; but likely they will not.  Vladimir Putin is going to use the same excuse Hitler used, the defense of ethnic (Germans for Hitler) Russians in every old Soviet holding to take what he wants.  What he wants is to be Imperial Russia again; after all, it is not being a mobster and criminal if there is a crown on your head when you do it, right?  Of course, this is only going to empower the worst people on every side of the dispute.

And here?  The GOP, as usual, blame it all on Obama.  They saber-rattle, always up for a war that other people will bleed in while they rake in bucks.  And they don’t care about the broken bodies in their chickenhawk wakes, either.  1homeless vet-1If we “go to war with the Army we’ve got”…as a Bushie said?  We don’t have enough Army to take on Russia, so while I hold little hope for Obama’s idea of sanctions, especially if our lapdogs good buddies the Brits don’t support us — I don’t know what else we can do.

Putin is clearly not afraid of the US…or anyone in Europe.  After all, he has just watched us, the Brits and others totally exhaust our military and financial coffers in Afghanistan.  Since he already knew how much that took down the Soviet Union, he figures we have our hands full with issues at home.

And we SHOULD — the infrastructure is falling to bits here.  We don’t even grow enough food to feed ourselves any more.  Climate change may be denied by the ideologues of the Right, but it is still wreaking havoc across the nation and won’t stop because they say it doesn’t exist.  All those Texans who proclaimed that their “God will provide!”….well, was the waves of icy cold weather what all ya’ll had in mind?  I’m still waiting for the religious pundits to declaim on the sinfulness of every place east of the Rockies, since the blackness sin of New Orleans brought on Katrina — surely they have something to say about the Bible Belt being savaged?

But hey, what can one woman do?  Me?  I’m going to go on partying at every opportunity with my lesbian friends, practice witchcraft when the mood hits me, preach feminism to all and sundry, and now that marijuana is legal in my state?  I might finally find out if the thin rustling pages of the Bible make the best-ever joint wrappers.  I’ll plant my garden, help my disabled veteran son brew mead — oddly, the volcano next door has NOT blown up because “gawd” is mad at me.  Gee, is ‘his’ aim THAT shitty?

2 thoughts on “Melancholic Monday

  1. fdchief218 says:

    Damn. Shit just got real.

    Hard to see a “good answer” here. Ukrainian guys fight and get slaughtered and the region north of the Black Sea goes to hell. Ukrainian guys surrender and Tsar Vladimir “wins”, and if I were a Moldovan, or a Belorussian, or a Latvian, or a Finn…I’d be very, very worried.

    What a goddamn shitshow.

    • Pretty much the real shitty deal, eh? Estonians are already pissing about Russian interference, the Poles are having little tremors of anxiety cause they can read the fucking Cyrillic handwriting on the wall.

      Damn, I WISH I liked “grass” OR drank as much as I joke about doing….cause I’d sure like to NOT think about this crap for a while.

      Oddly? It made me bizarrely relieved that my youngest son’s hunting accident injuries make it next to impossible he can be sent to any shit-hole of the near future.

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