Friday Food Blogging: Blasphemy!


02/28/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I have a sourdough starter again after many years of not being so endowed.  I am using it once or twice a week with much pleasure.  However, as I noted, I had gotten rid of most of my hoard of recipes and being a bit lazy and not wishing to take the time to re-create them all, I ordered a cookbook on The Complete Sourdough Cookbook by Don & Myrtle Holm.

And yes, here are the recipes I recalled: pancakes, biscuits, breads, and more — cakes and OMGs soudough DONUTS.  But…you knew there would be a “but”, right?  Right out the gate, the book is a bother.  Recipes are not a neat text —no, they are immersed in PILES of half-inaccurate hyperbole about sourdough and history.  But that was not the blasphemy.

The blasphemy was recipes for pancakes that stated as an ingredient “pancake MIX” and bread recipes that say stuff like “add some packaged yeast“!  See, I do not do sourdough for the flavor; indeed mine is very mild and almost unnoticeable in terms of ‘sour’.  If I wanted to use pancake mix or keep yeast on hand, wtf would I need a sourdough starter for, eh?

So, the book is being torn apart.  Recipes of the non-blasphemous sort will be cut out, bullshit hyperbole cut out of said recipe, and it will be taped back together, scanned onto the computer and sent to a “Sourdough” file on my ancient iPad cookbook.

The remains of the book will be consigned to flames, like any old-style heretic.  Because, by Bread there are SOME orthodoxies NOT to be questioned!  And no, do not even talk to me about beginning a starter WITH packaged yeast!

2 thoughts on “Friday Food Blogging: Blasphemy!

  1. Sixbears says:

    One has to have at least some standards.

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