Pains In My ASS


02/27/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1one idiot away fromYou know, maybe I am just old and behind the times (and the eight ball?), but the description of any house that costs over a MILLION BUCKS as “modest” makes me want Klingon teeth to set in deserving asses.

And why the media persists in writing these stories as if they have ANY level of reality for the majority of folks trying to keep themselves under a roof…and one that doesn’t burn over their heads.  Must be fucking nice if you can drop a cool million on a mere 2000 foot home.

Oh, and just for added hyperbole?  What the hell is so “harrowing” about being locked in a department store?  Are killer robots patrolling?  Dobermans?  Security guards?  What?  You’ve got bathrooms, water…and one presumes, BEDS, you wuss!

And to be snarky?  Watching a story about the hijacking of luxury cars  in America?  Wherein some of the owners are even “pistol whipped”?  Why is nobody berating the mostly MALE owners for “flaunting” their expensive cars?  I mean, you know, like victims of rape are told they should not have let their asses wiggle so suggestively, or wore such sexy clothing?


2 thoughts on “Pains In My ASS

  1. Rowan says:

    “Why is nobody berating the mostly MALE owners for “flaunting” their expensive cars? ”
    Damn! That’s a damned good point! And probably makes the best comparison I’ve heard that might, just *might*, get through to some of the jackasses who say something stupid about rape to me, after they relocate their mouths.

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