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02/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

imageThere is some linkage making the rounds, and I finally decided it is absolutely appropriate to post it here as well.  After all, by the way some folks define things, I’m religiously persecuting people with my attitudes.  I know my former rather rabid neighbors sure felt persecuted when I wouldn’t make my little girl wear only skirts, and when I let my boys take their shirts off on hot summer days.  And when I let my kids see people kissing and sometimes even people making love on television and moves (but didn’t let them watch slasher flicks or war movies); not to mention when I taught them sex education at home and used Kama Sutra illustrations as part of class.

I was apparently SO harming their dear and fluffy lord by not making my children bow down.  Apparently, they were NOT persecuting US, even when their 9 year old son made my 4 year old cry with the graphic description of the “Hell” we were all going to for being “pagan Papists”.  But my son WAS being wrong when he punched the young asshat in the face.  And I must have seemed a terrible person indeed when I stormed over and flatly told them any more of this trying to frighten my children into their way of faith would be met with some even more shocking behavior — from ME.

As I’ve said many, many times here — any time they don’t get their way, it is martyrdom and persecution.  Holy fuck, people, that is not what freedom of religion promises; you are not suffering from a lack of freedom you are having a tantrum because you can’t enforce your bullshit ideas on other people.  Get the fuck over it.

You don’t believe me?  Here, take this little pop quiz, ok?  It is written BY a Christian, by the way… not one of us damned-to-be-left-behind sorts.  But I must say, how sad to note that in the 21st century, America has come religiously full circle.  Here is a wee bit they neglect to REALLY teach in school, ok?  You know how, as children cutting out turkey and Pilgrim figures, they told us that the Puritans came here for “religious freedom”?  Well, truth is, it was the SAME shit — they were not allowed, in merry old England, to make everyone around them conform to their rigid mean-old-man-god faith.  So they left to come somewhere that they could be utter religious Taliban fanatics.  And we are back to that?  Our Founders would be so proud.  Not.

And if you need anything else to help you think your way out of the dark place your head may be stuck in?  I recommend reading THIS!


7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. fdchief218 says:

    This is really only confusing/surprising if you take the “religious freedom” guff at face value; the reality is that these folks want what the Pilgrims got – freedom to be king shits of Turd Hill and force their particular form of Jesus-pestering on everyone around them.

    So, no, this isn’t and never was about “freedom” but rather about theocracy and these fucktards’ anger that the U.S. Constitution forbids it.

    • I’m not so much surprised or confused as just pissed off. It’s like, “Really, do we have to go on (in the media) talking about this shit as if it is a real thing?”

  2. pjvj says:


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