Not Selling Me A Car


02/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1cars and wagesI’ve watched an unusual amount of television lately.  I am not one of those sorts who says “I never watch television.” I openly admit I like watching television when I am too tired to read and need to keep my body still enough to relax away some pains, but normally I see an hour or two of evening dramas, and sometimes the news several times a week.

Watching large daytime swaths of the Olympics on a Canadian channel was somewhat enlightening.  I saw some of it on evening television — switching away from evening curling to NBC coverage at times.  And there were lots of car ads — Cadillac was trying SO hard. Their snobby appeal ads never appealed to me.  And the one with the guy telling me Americans worked themselves to death so we could drive Cadillacs just pissed me off royally.  Of course, there were BMW ads, too.  I won’t own one of those either.  And then, there were VW ads.  Honda wasn’t much buying the costly ad space; but I won’t own a Honda.  Honda has a record with me — they pegged my pissed meter repeatedly with their misogynistic ads of guys racing around after fights with bitchy wives and girlfriends.  Apparently, the very OLD ads about “meeting the nicest people on a Honda” (motorcycle) just weren’t getting guys into the showrooms for either bikes OR cars.

Ah, the VWs.  We’ve had several.  My parents owned one when we lived in Germany when I was a child.  And my goal for adulthood was to own a “bug” painted red with black spots like a ladybug!  In my marriage, an ancient Karman Ghia took me to the hospital to birth my first child, and later we owned a Passat and a Jetta.  We stopped buying VW products when their miles per gallon seemed equally dismissive of ecological concerns as auto makers like Jeep.

But, as we prepare for retirement, we consider that down the road, we will likely eventually need another vehicle.  And one of the VW ads mentioned a Jetta (not the diesel, I don’t DO diesel) that gets 48 mpg.  I was intrigued.  I mentioned it to the Minotaur as a possibility for four or five years from now…when our little Ford Focus will be about 10 years old.

Ah, but then the news came out about the new VW factories in the good old USA voting to not unionize.  Um.  Well.  Never fucking mind, VW.  My next vehicle stands a pretty decent chance of being a Suburu, now.  I have been looking at hybrids for a while, but thus far am unimpressed with the price/benefit ratio.  In our heavy traffic here, I fear smaller electric cars scare me to death.

So, yes.  I am one of those people — I will base my shopping habits, especially of big items, on whether or not it is produced in decent labor conditions.  So, VW has lost out.  And Cadillac?  You and the BMW people can just go kiss each other’s shiny overpriced asses.


3 thoughts on “Not Selling Me A Car

  1. Rowan says:

    Good grief. First you have coercion by the state senator, misinformation by the Tennessee government scaring the workers that there won’t be jobs. You have the UAW challenging the results. Now you have the damned workers asking for the challenge to be dismissed because the UAW and Volkswagen are in cahoots? ( (I’d small that, but not sure how – delete it if ticked – sorry…) I wish VW *would* tell Tennessee to shove it.

  2. Anti Kate says:

    According to my reading, the state governors office messed about with the union plans. VW was okay with it, the workers were okay with it. The governor fucked it up. Go Tennessee!

    State politics are sooo weird these days. Several states seem to be competing for the title of “Worst Damn State Government Evar”. The Carolinas, Arizona, Kansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee.

    • Yeah, well, the result is the same either way. If the workers — and btw, VOTERS — can’t stand up to their own government, how in hell do they expect to be less than a bunch of serfs in the end?

      So, ideally, VW would say, well — we will MOVE our companies to some place where the workers ARE not expected to take it up the ass for political purposes. But since that is not happening either, I will vote with my wallet. Apparently, money is the only vote that counts.

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