Rationalization – That Word Doesn’t Mean Rational

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02/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1bonus checkI’ve caught myself pinching the space between my eyebrows for the last half a week or so; this is something I do when it feels like the inmates are taking charge of the asylum again.  Arizona is currently in the lead for “most crazy” and of course they are dressing it up in religion.

Because oh what tender, fragile little flowers these devoted homophobes and wussies Christians are, dear readers!  First, they were just incapable of giving those foxy sluts women birth control pills and thus enabling their illicit sexy lifestyles free of shaming pregnancies.  Now, oh my dear and fluffy lord, they will die a martyr’s death if they have to sell flowers, bake cakes, or take pictures of same sex weddings?  Holy shit, Jesus is face-palming it in his cream-cheese smeared heaven, because you guys find martyrdom ANYWHERE, don’t you?  I mean, hey, this ain’t exactly being fed to the fucking lions, is it?  (I’m pretty sure any self-respecting lion would find you hate-filled, fear-driven assholes too BORING to eat.)  I mean, your Christ hung on a cross — I betcha you wussie asshats would die of a fucking paper cut.

Cause damn it, if this “logic” is what passes for “rational religion” in your fantasy world?  WAKE UP!  You are using a rationalization, NOT any brand of rational thought…nor, if you ask me, real religious thought, either.  A rationalization is a shitty excuse dressed up in allegedly logical drag. Hey, watch OUT, drag might be contagious — you could wake up in your mom’s panty-hose next; cause hey, the ‘logic’ you use about gay marriage destroying the ‘normal’ kind?  That suggests an infectious quality, doncha think?  And as for this excuse of yours being about religion?

I definitely call bullshit on that crap.  First off, if your precious God gave humans free will, who the hell do you think you are to take it away?  You don’t get to control the lives of others NOT of your religion, Stupid.  Sure, you WANT to, but that is just asshattery.  I mean, do YOU want Mormons to control your use of coffee, tea, smokes, and booze?  Do you want someone to take away your bacon?  See, you don’t like it when OTHER religions might impose on YOUR life; the real logical result of that is that you return the fucking favor, dickweed!  If you don’t believe in something, don’t DO it.  But you do not get to control the actions of others based on your belief.

Me, a very untypical, unorthodox pagan?  I believe stupidity should be painful and nigh fatal.  Do you REALLY want to make my attitude a protected legal definition of freedom of religion?  ‘Cause I gotta say…pleeease, pleeease, make my day!

:::goes off to strop an edge on her axe::::


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