So, When American Blood and Capital Was Squandered…


02/19/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoI notice a variety of folks decrying lack of American action on several heartrendingly horrid situations unfolding in the world.   For instance:

In the Ukraine, for instance … where Olympic grade brutality is on display.

In Syria…where gassing, shelling, and starving citizens is government as usual.

In North Korea, where even the UN thinks life is untenable.  Even nigh indescribable.

And while America chides Putin for gay-hate; Africans try to rape people straight without our notice?

Venezuela is igniting, and we don’t care?

And everyone in those horrible places sooner or later, askes “Where are the Americans?”  Even here in America, people who do read the news ask how we can stand by, hands in pockets.  We got rather used to being a “world cop” somehow, but the truth is we cannot afford it any more; we spent too much on Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, before everyone screams about Obama not caring about America’s reputation or suffering abroad?  Just remember who left him an intolerable inheritance of not one, but TWO messy wars that had virtually NOTHING to do with America’s well-being.  We have no more money and not enough military forces (without a draft) to prosecute any more long wars.  So all the right-wing shitheads blithering about moral superiority?  Have a nice stiff shot of shut-the-fuck-up!


8 thoughts on “So, When American Blood and Capital Was Squandered…

  1. I totally agree. “We cannot afford it [world cop] any more.” Sad, but true. And how ironic that the same people who are “blithering about moral superiority” are the same ones who fight him on everything he does.

  2. fdchief218 says:

    Well, no argument that Iraqistan has played a part in reminding the average idiot American (whose knowledge of world history and geopolitics is…well, let’s just say that were it a pool of water you could neither bathe nor drown in it…) the even Great Powers cannot solve complex social, political, and economic problems by killing people and blowing shit up.

    But even without that example you’d think that the U.S. elites on BOTH sides of the political aisle would have looked around and realized that, short of an investment of blood and treasure that would have made the Roman and British Empires look like a Hollywood marriage, none of these places was “solveable” by mere military force.

    Ukraine is, frankly, a mess; an internally divided pseudostate suffering from the usual post-Soviet hangover of thugokleptocracy and economic malaise. The conflict between the West-leaning “Ukranian” western part and the Soviet-leaning, “Russian” eastern and southern parts was almost inevitable and almost equally doomed to messy political breakdown.

    Syria? Gee…autocratic rule by a Shiite minority over a Sunni majority in a part of the world where the lagacies of Ottoman and colonial rule range from dysfunctional to toxic and are constantly rubbed raw by the irritant of Israeli and U.S. (and Soviet) fucking-around? Who’d have thought that THAT would end up being fucked up and difficult to fix?

    North Korea? What sane person even wants to stick a fist in THAT tar-baby? The best possible outcome from intervention – nearly immediate collapse of the Kim regime – still leaves the neighbors China and South Korea with an impoverished and desperate mess on their hands that makes the unification of Germany look like child’s play by comparison. The worst possible outcome is so nightmarish to make anyone but a complete idiot shudder.

    It’s not like I’m some sort of kumbaya-pacifist, but the notion that any and all of these places was amenable to the use of force in such a way as to prevent a massive and decades-long involvement without any promise of a “happy ending” was always nonsensical.

    • Oh, look…I’m not the only sad student of history! I don’t even bother to try explaining those complexities to the morons I run into around this oh-so-red-county. I was keeping it simple for them “The money is gone and the military depleted,” they understand, you see?

      Simple words for simpletons. But yes, all those places are complex (and hot) messes that simple bombing doesn’t fix. But my GOP neighbors don’t and won’t “get” that — I guess I could try telling them we are out of bombs?

      • fdchief218 says:

        I always try and lead them down the path they want to choose; “Okay. You’ve bombed Kiev. Now what?” “Okay, the government of Ukraine has fallen; Russia has invaded the eastern half and civil war has broken out with the western half. Now what?” Usually they “get” pretty quick that they really have no fuckin’ idea how impossible these places are to “solve” with high explosives.

        The problem I have with the “we’re out of bullets” approach is that clearly we’re NOT; the U.S. has an assload of military capacity. It’s just not the “right” kind of capacity. We have neither the birthrate nor the political intelligence to actually run the sort of empire we’d need to run to remake most of these places. Even if we did…look at the places where others tried. The Austro-Hungarians and the Ottomans between them made a complete fucking mess of the Balkans, the Russians and then the Soviets a goddamn disaster of their western and southern “near abroad”, the British left a bunch of semifailed states where they colonized Asia and Africa.

        Our own nation-building record is pretty damn poor. We fucked Haiti fifty ways, left the Philippines to puke up Marcos and then the current oligo-kleptocracy, and our record in Latin America, from Batista to Somoza, was pretty disgraceful.

        Seems like the story pretty much tells itself. But, then, you’d have to have READ the story, and most of these goddamn idiots – both Right and interventionist Left – seem to have gotten their geopolitical ideas from Hollywood and Tom Clancy thrillers…

      • :::steaming from ears:::: Oh, dont’ get me started on the Clancy-ites! We are not out of bullets, but the men who have to go shoot them…getting pretty fucking frayed round the edges. And as you say, that really hasn’t been the best method; though there is always someone ready to give it another go.

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