02/14/2014 by syrbal-labrys

KissItGrade A Snarkiness, with a heavy sauce of logic!  Ok, fine, I will be delightfully crude earthy and say this is where religion takes it in the ass!

“Purity rings” are such a joke…specially from the crowd eager to brand Clinton for “sex” whether or not vaginal penetration was involved or not.

Yeah, happy belated Valentine’s Day to the oh-so-moral.  Got news for you all, though…if there IS a “God” out there watching, I’m pretty sure if he can see “the gays” doing anal, he can see YOU.  Also, since this holiday likely derived from a VERY pagan holy day, Lupercalia?  You might want to give it a pass entirely. Me?  I’ll be celebrating Lupercalia, which our family calls ‘the Feast of the Wolf’ this weekend!


3 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my! That was shocking and funny. I had never heard of them before you posted this! The little dark haired woman has been on a tv show I watched, but I had no idea she was part of a comedy duo.

    I watched pregnant women are smug too and had to cackle.

    Thanks for posting this.

    What is terribly sad about the song is how true it is for so many people. It makes me angry that women delude themselves so much.

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