02/13/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuckSeriously, America?  Every day for the last five days, on my television, I’ve seen weather forecasters talking about the storm that has now hit the American South.  So, why, why, oh in the name of whatsoever-the-fuck-gods-may-have-EVER-been, do I see someone on the news bitterly declaiming about the misfortune of waking up “without (electrical) power and with no food”? Ok, I get that no power means a cold house.  (Here, it also means no running water!)  But why the hell would it mean there is no food?  Is your food usually delivered through the electrical wiring or some other delightful method I know nothing about?  Have I been unnecessarily going out to shop with lists of needs well in advance of empty cupboards?  

Is this another case of people who cannot be bothered to watch news or weather?  How, after the debacle that was Atlanta, Georgia and the mess in Alabama two weeks ago, can anyone NOT be paying attention to the weather and be getting their asses out to stock the house with emergency supplies BEFORE Wednesday morning?  I know from Monday morning onwards, not only were the weather forecasters screaming about preparations, but numerous state officials were telling people to PREPARE and be ready to stay safely HOME when the storm hit.

So, hey, just what WOULD it take to get folks who can’t be bothered to pay attention prepared?  Or is this yet another case of media morons picking very poorly what film to use for dramatic impact?  It doesn’t make me sympathetic to the cold unhappy parent so busy feeding kids potato chips; it makes me think this person is an idiot for not paying attention.  I really hate to sound a wee bit like one of the right wing sorts screaming about a nanny state — but for pity’s sake, when someone seems intent on  blaming a long predicted storm for no groceries in the house, it does seem like personal responsibility is being improperly eschewed!


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  1. Atlanta and Alabama were snarled up in weather we call Spring. Yeah, it’s a pain to not have electricity, but one of the prices I pay for living up here in the land of education and public services and the occasional mindfucker of a blizzard is that I own a generator. Which I paid for. Which the southern schmucks will now probably get at a greatly reduced price from Uncle Sugar.
    Imma not complain too hard about that because I am a liberal, and as much as I want people to leave me the hell alone, I also want them to have decent lives. However, they should damn well shut their collective piehole.

    • It just seems that any idea of personal responsibility for preparedness has gone by the wayside. I mean, who wouldn’t get food that needs no heating to eat? Who wouldn’t make sure of SOME method to cook if the power lasted a long time? Before we saved up for a gas/propane stove, we always had charcoal and a grill on hand, for instance — and a camp stove.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I agree with you about having ample time to prepare, but I wonder if part of the “no food” was really “no way to MAKE food.”?

    My Grama in Kentucky has only electric means to cook. Without power she can’t run the microwave OR the stove. Her options would be cereal while the milk held out or pb&j mostly.

    • She seemed to mean no food. She was feeding them bowls of potato chips. I just found a whole new story confusing; who doesn’t have any bread and peanut butter in the house,or hell. box of pop tarts?

      • Jennifer says:

        That lady apparently.

        It’s just ridiculous to live life assuming some outside force is going to take care of you…that the power will always be there for example. Or the people that continually rebuild in flood zones and rack up frequent flyer miles hanging from helicopters when they have to be rescued every other year.

        Semi-sort of related to that…I have always been proud of having a propane stove because when the power goes out (and it goes out frequently here at certain times of the year) I could still cook.

        Imagine my surprise when the power went out for a whole day last May and my propane shut off! I still haven’t quite figured out why that is or where the hell my gas lines would have an electric shut off (I have a propane tank in the yard, it’s not piped in from anywhere). My stove doesn’t have an electric starter either.

        It humbled me a bit.

        But I dug out the camp stove and coffee was achieved that way. *grins*

      • I got to wondering if this person on television was one of the MickyD moms; I have known a couple —breakfast daily at McDonalds for the kids. But, hey, crazy!

        That is weird about the propane; the outages ARE why we put in a propane range. It NEVER shuts off tho’ it does have electronic ignition — we simply light it with a match in outages. I think I’d consult the stove’s seller and/or propane supplier to ask about that and see what causes it and whether it can be UNdone!

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