In The Bitter Mid-Winter of America

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02/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

snowed underSnow and ice blanket America, and most citizens are consumed with thoughts of getting to a job if they have one, finding one if they do not, and how to not get sidelined on a highway where the family vehicle will end up expensively impounded. Perhaps thus, at this time of year, one could forgive them for not thinking about some faceless American citizen abroad facing death from above —all awaiting the word of his President. No trial, even in absentia, just a President’s word.

“But he is a terrorist,” someone will whine at me. He is an accused terrorist, an alleged terrorist, America. If a judge, a court officer, a reporter picked ANY criminal not yet officially convicted and referred to them as “murderer”, “rapist”, “thief”; they’d get a legal rap across the knuckles or teeth. But since 9-11, if a President or his minions and yes-men label someone an “enemy combatant” it means there are no Constitutional rights at all — even for citizens of this country. And America will engage in the illegal practice of murder-by-drone even in foreign nations where we could embroil ourselves in another ruinous war. Because drones sometimes kill more than the target, as when we also killed a 16 year old son of al-Awlaki, the chosen victim…can you even imagine American rage is some other nation killed several people HERE because one of them had been accused of a crime in their nation?

It really is not that complex, not only does American law actually forbid such extra-judicial punishment and mayhem — but it is as simple as “do/don’t do unto others”. IF you would be enraged and screaming how wrong it is if some other nation did it to US, it is wrong for us. After all, a foreign national of another nation DID decide punishment was merited for what he felt were guilty Americans: Osama bin Laden sent his chosen “drones” to fly airplanes into sites FULL of his idea of guilty Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. If it was wrong when HE did it merely because he was not an elected official of his home nation; why is it alright for our elected President to commit murder abroad despite the fury of other sovereign nations?

If this sort of thing continues? How long until a drone is sent sailing over Russian soil to kill Snowden? Or Assange? Or anyone else that pisses off an American president? Tell me, do the terrorists win when we adopt their own methods of murder and call it law?


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