Weekend Fly-by – Forget You, NBC!


02/09/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Since it is a nostalgic year for me…re-living things I did as a newlywed as the Minotaur and I rebuild our PTSD-enduring marriage; I decided to watch some of the Olympics.

But not on NBS with catty comments and oh-so-superior announcers, thanks. Nor with Craptastic Comcast/Xfinity’s limiting basic cable customers (like me) to crummy old highlights. I am watching on the Canadian channel and NBC and their reporters mangling Russian can fall down a snow-hole.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Fly-by – Forget You, NBC!

  1. Let me know if you can find a video of the opening ceremonies, I missed them and I heard they were pretty awesome. :>

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