Food Blogging Project: My Cheating Heart…Uh, Stomach?


02/07/2014 by syrbal-labrys

First — switching the Food Blogging to Friday, ok? Since weekends are “work dawn to dusk” time right now! We all know processed food is bad for us, right? Even if we avoid the massive sugar-added things, processed food is tweaked in a dozen ways to fool us into thinking we are eating something good for us. Me, I don’t eat a lot of sugar in ordinary stuff — I save it for candy and cookies and cake in old school over-the-top events of gluttony! Pretty much the sugar debauchery is down to holidays and birthdays now.

But there are other sins of edible commission, right? Like this:photo Right?? No? Well, come on then –what IS it with you? Lipton Noodle Soup, a can of Campbell’s bacon & bean soup? Confess! Everyone has a favorite junk food and this one is mine. I mitigate the crap by adding a can of tuna or salmon and it is bliss made with hemp milk instead of the lactose loaded stuff. Yes, I DO know how to make homemade mac & cheese, thank you. But that doesn’t take SIX minutes, does it? THAT isn’t ready even at midnight without an oven, is it? And hey, it doesn’t require giblets to make giblet gravy to go on mashed Swedes & Sweets — my other main-squeeze comfort food!

Seriously, aside from the odd box of orange poison, I cook and have cooked almost entirely from scratch for decades. I make the household jam, even Seville marmalade. I baked all our bread for years and years and possibly will return to that this year (tell you next week!) as I am playing with the idea of a sourdough starter again. I didn’t use canned soups; I once even made and froze all broths. Now, I admit, I cheat in the health food aisle with quarts of ready-made. But broth cubes of msg-enhanced crap were banished, exorcised. I could count all the cake mixes used in my marriage and have fingers left over. I think cookie dough was purchased TWICE in 37 years — an experiment we did not repeat.

But modern life and cooking it all from scratch don’t always blend well. (Feel free to insert your best crock pot savior stories here!) Everyone needs a cheat now and then if they don’t want to spend entire weekends cooking and freezing. Since I HATE defrosting and actually love to hate my inferior small microwave…I rarely do that except to prepare lunches taken frozen to work by family members. So, isn’t a reasonably GOOD quality fast thing a good thing? And if it is also a COMFORT food? OMGs!
photo copy
Now, that box right there? That is a miracle. I LOVE pancakes — especially sourdough pancakes. But those have to be well thought out BEFORE, like a whole night before! The gems of the griddle from that box are FAST! And if you are out of eggs, no big deal — out of milk, no big deal. You can make them with simply WATER! And get this, made with only water, 3 smallish ones (3-4″) have about 14 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber to 30 grams of carbs! If you add a egg and make them with milk? The protein count goes to 21 grams! And best of all, for me? My allergens are not tweaked! It is made with wheat flour, oat flour, wheat protein, whey protein, milk protein, egg whites, buttermilk powder, brown sugar and sea salt. NO Soy!! And they are delicious!

So, come on — folks said “Yes, let’s talk food.” So let’s do it! Tell me a sinful food cheat you cannot resist and then tell me a reasonably GOOD product you’ve found to help you over the “Oh, Hel’s Bells, we need to eat, huh?” moments.


6 thoughts on “Food Blogging Project: My Cheating Heart…Uh, Stomach?

  1. Wow. You put me to shame with all your from-scratch cooking. I don’t really eat soups or boxed items too often, but I don’t bake my own bread either….And I do happen to love instant potatoes because they are fast, easy, and my kids will eat them! (I know…shame, shame. My mother cooks them from scratch.)

    • Even I used to keep the Betty Crocker instant potato flakes….not only did every kid I ever knew love them and learn to make them on their own…but they were awesome for instantly thickening a soup or sauce that was being difficult.

      Once a nightshade allergy was revealed, that was the end of that, damn it. They were rocking for a fast garlic soup….one could thicken very lightly or a bit more heartily depending on which course the soup was to serve!

      • Wow. What a great idea–to thicken soups or sauces. You’re going to be my go-to person for food questions!


      • BTW…here is one I use when I make pork roasts, that is even easier. I use Cajun seasonings a lot, and the perfect foil is to use the pan drippings and broth to make sauce. I loosen pan browned bits with broth and once I have a nice hot broth, I thicken this by dropping in broken up GINGERSNAP cookies! I do it with only a couple at a time, whisking and stirring to desired thickness for the amount of broth available. Fast and delicious. I keep gingersnaps in bags in the freezer for whenever I want this, eliminating the need to bake cookies AND a roast! It makes an easy finish for a crock potted roast.

  2. Rowan says:

    This request is requiring some thought. Like you, I cook mostly from scratch. So trying to pick something not homemade is hard. I think my weakness might be cheese. When I became lactose-intolerant, I told my doctor upfront that I could probably sub out most of my dairy needs, but if he thought I was giving up cheese, he had another thought coming to him. *chuckle* We’re talking fresh cheese here, not “processed.” … or just one, One, Reese’s peanut butter cup.

    As for something good? Well, when Wes had the heart event, I discovered Bob’s Red Mill products. Those have become such a staple for number of reasons. Some of these are quick. Some of these are things I never had growing up due to my mother’s severe reactions to peas and lentils and probably a few other things. Although beans seemed to be okay. *shrug*

    Anyway, these mixes plus more interesting spices and some fresh veggies and some sauteed chicken equals dinner in about two hours that I don’t have to watch constantly and I don’t have to remember to start the night before. And I get to send some home with the Daughter & fiance.

    Is this what you had in mind? If not, I’ll keep thinking about it.

    • That will do! And Reese’s Cups are ambrosia! I’ve been using Bob’s Red Mill stuff for a long time, but recently have gone to using organic King Arthur flours a lot —I have to watch to avoid barley in all purpose flour mixes.

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