Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe

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02/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1damnit im madSo this is “hump day” eh? Well, helluva hump of misogynistic horseshit to get over….if you ask me!

(1) Besides Karzai dictating to the USA as if HE is the commander-in-chief of our military, he is ready to put pen to paper to make sure Afghani women go on being treated as less than dogs — to silence them in court.

(2) I hate the media these days, I’ve never seen such a bunch of venal, moronic, suck-ups ready to jump on the loudest bandwagon. So when this woman asks what it would take to believe a sexual abuse victim? Some of those assholes (who think nothing of outing victims in changed names, btw) should be reading it start to finish! (Just for the record? Woody Allen always gave me the creeps, I’ve seen exactly ONE of his films and could barely stay in my seat…just saying.)

(3) Being rich and male should not be a get out of jail card, right? Well, in rape culture it seems to be enough if you are cuddly funny Bill Cosby? Reading this, I just had to wonder what would make a man so desperately need a sure thing that he apparently prefers to drug women nigh insensible first. And then, because I don’t watch television “interview” shows much and don’t read “People” magazine — I think I must be the last woman in America to hear about this.

(4) And Alaska? No wonder even Sarah Palin left you! Hint: Rape is NOT an indoor sport, ok? You are NOT putting the ‘wild’ in the West!

I’m kind of glad I was not born on a Wednesday, if this is the typical news take! But hey, I’m sure Friday will have suckage too.

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