Sold Down A River — Of Sand and Tears


02/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1we the peopel are [isedI haven’t seen this story in US media, not that I have looked. I remember reading, with horror, in history books — of bounties paid for youths delivered for military service. One of the more horrific images from an unusually historically INaccurate films (The Gangs of New York) was of immigrants coming off ship in New York and being signed up directly into the Army to fight in the Civil War.

So, last night’s insomniac reading telling me that people were PAID to deliver young folks to recruiters, ready to sign up for military service during the Iraq War filled me with a sense of both shame and extreme anger. And to find that it wasn’t enough to pay a bounty on young lives….but they had to further cheat to make more and more money on this wretched game? And that high school principals and counselors participated and took this blood money for sending students to enlist?Keep pouring
I really thought I might get through more of this week without wishing I was at a party with an open bar! How does anyone who talked some student, some neighbor boy or girl, some relative or friend into joining so they could have some quick cash LIVE with that choice, if that young soldier DIED in that misery of a sandy hellhole? People think human traffic refers only to girls and women and pornography and prostitution. Well, hey, they could be sort of right couldn’t they? This pair of wars is certainly MY idea of pornographic!


2 thoughts on “Sold Down A River — Of Sand and Tears

  1. The underlying evil, of course, is the abolition of the draft by Nixon. The result has been our unbroken series of unwinnable, unnecessary wars fought by other people’s sons. As a former draftee I never thought l’d hear myself say it, but BRING BACK THE DRAFT. Let the first congressperson’s son or daughter die for nothing, and these wars will stop. We’ve seen that dynamic work with conservatives as regards the gay rights issue (Cheney being perhaps the most prominent example). Let’s give it a chance with the warmongers.

    • Yes, this pair of wars brought me to the same bitter conclusion. Wars are fought now only by the poor of all races. And yet, reading Jane Mayers’ “Dark Side”…imagine both Cheney (who never put on boots of THAT sort) and his pal and lawyer Addington BOTH thought we should have STAYED in fucking Viet Nam to fight and win. So, hey, yeah, his middle initial should be H for Hypocrite.

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