The Air Is Blue

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02/03/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1conplained about my swearing…and I ain’t a-talking “cloudless”. I read about the seals late last week. Alaska’s seals, that is, the ones who are dying.
Earlier on this blog, when I questioned why starfish were dying all the way from my beloved Monterey TO Alaska…wondering whether the mess that is Fukushima had aught to do with it, I was told (even by a friend) that I was being a silly alarmist paranoid liberal. Now, reading again, at Skippy’s about the suffering seals, I am swearing and fighting an urge to smash things, scream, cry and otherwise show that I DO TOO know how to act not British and be primitive in my despair.

Frankly, I am a bit fucking SICK of being told I am a silly alarmist liberal. After all, we silly alarmist liberals TRIED to tell people for years, that climate change was going to FUCK THINGS UP. But the climate change deniers go on and on and on. Mind you, these are the same sorts that told people in the 20’s and 30’s that plowing up the Great Plains to grow wheat was a nifty idea and that it didn’t matter when soil began blowing the fuck away in the wind. Dust Bowl, anyone? Were the folks who decried that entirely man-enhanced ecological disaster a bunch of silly alarmist liberals, too? (And before any sunny optimistic sort smilingly tells me, “Well, we got through it, didn’t we — we survived,” please tell that to people whose relatives died of dust pneumonia, not to mention starvation, in those years. Tell those who buried babes and children, from the safe spot of your inadequately glossy US history text, ok? And yes, I hope they belt you in the teeth.)

Mind you, now, ignoring the cycle of wet years and dry…the Plains AND places like California irrigate to grow wheat and about everything else. The Ogallala Aquifer (not to mention the Mississippi River) is drying up now…and California has been in an increasingly severe drought for almost a decade now. And the “too little too laters” will continue lulling the idiots of the world into complacency until nobody except the one percent can afford to buy the declining stocks of food. And a goodly portion of the not 1% sorts will be faithfully waiting on their Jesus bringing his “Rapture”…which makes me feel a bit carnivorous. In the Michael Valentine Smith way, that is; because if they aren’t good for anything else, they might make adequate mutton? Nothing to answer ‘sheeple’ like another religion, right?

So, sure, keep telling me…as the oceans begin to die more and more off our West Coast, that it has nothing to do with radiation pouring into the water an ocean away. (I sincerely hope that the seals are dying because of the odd timing of the first steamy discharges placing radiation on the sea ice and that is the limit of the damage; but I have no real confidence that we will escape radioactive doom so easily.) Keep saying the cold winter in the East and the South means there is no such thing as global climate change. When the Great Plains resemble Somalia’s deserts, and California is khaki brown from coast to mountains don’t come asking me why. Because then, if you have numbered amongst those calling me a silly liberal alarmist? I’m going to tell you to go drink your fucking Kool-Aid of corporate and GOP lies, to eat dusty shit and die!


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