Science For The Win

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02/03/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Goddess-generic1I am sure some religious sorts out there are going to accuse science and doctors of “playing God” in this case. To be honest, I am WAY more satisfied with the results than when religious sorts play at science! (Was that too snarky? Tough shit!) I’ve been pregnant seven times, only twice was it intentional. My body is pretty good at deciding “Nope, this one don’t look right…eject!” So I have three children and I am here to tell you pregnancy is terrifying for anyone who has the least idea of all the ways human biology can be FUCKED up to the grief of parents and children.

So, when a woman knows she carries a gene that is invariably fatal to a child inheriting it? I absolutely defend her right to pick and choose healthy embryos from doomed ones to deliver healthy children! And I absolutely applaud the scientists and doctors who helped make that possible for her! So, yeah, consider my knee bent in salute to SCIENCE!


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