On Gathering More Wool – Image Edited


01/31/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1tired of payingI was rushed in my posting yesterdayrecently, and not feeling completely up to my best. Lying sleepless last night, considering the antics of right wing religious fruitcakes bitching about tax dollars possibly paying for abortions (when everyone who knows anything knows those slutty women having sex with folks OTHER than them should have to pay their own damn baby-killing bills), it occurred to me I should get on the phone to MY Congress critter. (Wish me luck, he is a Rethuglican drone.)

I’d like MY tax dollars to not pay money to Israel for any-fucking-thing.
I’d like MY tax dollars to not pay for any more war-making in Afghanistan.
I’d like MY tax dollars to stop fucking subsidizing rich bastards who pay lesser percentages in taxes than I do.
I’d like MY tax dollars to stop paying oilmen for fucking up the ecology.
I’d like MY tax dollars to stop paying the NSA to surveil Americans.
I’d like MY tax dollars to not pay Congress critters who vote for their own raises in pay without recourse to proving they deserve a raise!
I’d like MY tax dollars to not pay military contractors (including the slum lords managing military quarters) to rip us off royally.

So, hey, let’s write some bills to put a stop to THAT shit, ok?


4 thoughts on “On Gathering More Wool – Image Edited

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Would you ever consider getting involved in politics? Would that be just a pipe dream in your vicinity, or could you stand of chance of succeeding?

    • I’m getting pretty long of tooth to start a political career. Unless I was read to be content with a school board position of the like, yeah, it would be a pipe dream. Even a state legislators position would likely be out of my reach at this point in life, with no political history behind me….nor a party.

      • eldri says:

        I have thought that with the internet, it ought to be easy to ‘vote’ for things We *Don’t Want* OUR tax dollars spent on—a couple of lines at the bottom of the form— the computers do the rest— provided we trust the Government

      • Yes…wouldn’t it be nice if even on tax forms there was say a couple blocks of “Yes, definitely THIS!” and a couple of “No fucking WAY I pay for THAT!”

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