I Am Confused


01/29/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1why is everyone so fucking stupidOk, I watch the news and weather every day. And Monday, I watched warnings of extreme winter weather for the Southern United States — Georgia, Alabama and such. And I said to myself, “If I lived there, I’d bloody stay home!”

So, tonight, watching the news to see schools and freeways locked in by ice, people miserably trapped on roads and in cities? I am terribly confused. Is this an example of the common “Oh, I don’t watch news, it’s depressing,” attitude? Or do they simply disbelieve? And of course, in Atlanta in particular, people are pissed off at their local government. Why? Do they take NO personal responsibility for their choices? There were complaints about kids in cars being cold — so, seeing a weather report that says cold and snow is coming, parents cannot make a decision? To pile on sweaters and put a couple blankets in the car?

Seriously, people? You all scream about a “nanny state” and at the first lick of trouble you blame the GOVERNMENT for being stuck on icy roads? I mean, parents CAN make a choice, for instance, to NOT send the kids to school if severe weather is in the forecast. I’ve done the same myself. And yes, I am a damned Yankee. But I have lived in the south and whatever I thought of it then? I didn’t think the people there were completely devoid of common sense!


3 thoughts on “I Am Confused

  1. Do they take NO personal responsibility for their choices?

    I believe their version of personal responsibility applies only to people other than themselves, preferably easily identifiable – black welfare queens, the poor, liberals etc. Asking them to apply the same standards to themselves is clearly reverse-discrimation/racism.

  2. badtux99 says:

    The claim is that the weather report did *not* call for severe weather in Atlanta. I call shenanigans. I’ve driven in that area during an ice storm before (didn’t have much choice, I was on the road and that was before cell phones and etc. when you just hoped to catch an occasional weather report on the AM radio and if you didn’t, that was that), and everybody drove like crazy and was smashing up all over the place — just like in the news now. I, BTW, had no problem — I just drove extremely slow and careful. And watched idiots zoom by me and spin out into the ditch. Sigh!

    • Yes, I heard that claim. I also saw a weatherman show back film of the reports and warnings….even more precise than what I had seen on my not-local-to-there weather. Even weathermen HERE were going “Oh, holy crap!” about what was headed that way.

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