Damn It – (Bee) Disease and (Plant) Sex


01/22/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1bees Wow, just when I thought destructive mites and pesticides and herbicides were bad enough for the decline of the very necessary honeybees? There is a linkage now between Colony Collapse and a plant disease.

Humans argue every year whether or not a bird flu can jump from birds to humans, although the history of zoonoses is long and varied. But when a virus can jump from a PLANT to an insect…that is a cross-KINGDOM leap. In a way, perhaps it is not surprising; one presumes the viral matter would be in the plant pollen and the plant pollen is what the bees collect to feed to larvae in the hive. So “baby bees” ingest the infected material…but this still bodes very frighteningly ill for bees.

Oh, and also, tho’ off topic — topping the list of things that make me wonder if we HUMANS have caught something colony-collapsing ourselves: “Who are you, what are you doing in my car?”

2 thoughts on “Damn It – (Bee) Disease and (Plant) Sex

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    But when a virus can jump from a PLANT to an insect…that is a cross-KINGDOM leap.

    We have a very anthropocentric view of the world- there are different bacteria lineages which are evolutionarily more distant than we are from carrots. It’s the gooey little things that really rule the planet. Hell, we have more bacteria living inside us than we have our “own” cells.

    As a species, we need to learn how to live as “just another organism”, not the “kings of creation” we fancy ourselves to be. Environmentalism is more about human survival than it is about the survival of the planet, which would do just fine without us.

    • I wish I believed the world would go on perfectly well without us. I would mourn the stupidity of humanity less that way. Unfortunately, we humans have instituted things that rather need our constant maintenance so the rest of the species of life CAN survive. Without humans maintaining the nuclear plants and keeping them in SAFE running order; a good deal of disastrous poisoning would pretty much insure that many species would go extinct right alongside our dumb asses!

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