Food Blogging Project: Jan 18 – In a Ferment?


01/18/2014 by syrbal-labrys

ginger carrots

That picture, that is a jar of Ginger Carrots, lacto-fermented. I am not impressed. I expected crispness — they are soggy. And even tho’ I used the least salt, they are, to taste, just as salty as any purchased vinegar-salt preserved veggie I’ve ever had. Here is the recipe:

Ginger Carrots
4 c. grated carrots, tight packed
1 T grated gingerroot (I used 2 T)
1 T sea salt
4 T whey

Mix all this together and stamp it in the bowl or jar with a wooden mallet until the carrots begin to release juice. Pack firmly in an appropriate jar (such as the one pictured) and cover tightly. Leave at room temp for three days, then refrigerate.

She wanted us to make our own whey, but I didn’t have time to find the ingredients by mail to do that, I cheated a bit by draining natural yoghurt over cheesecloth — this left me with the requisite whey and instant Greek style yoghurt. After three days on the counter, the lid gave that fermentation ‘burp’ when I popped the lid free. I may try the sauerkraut recipe she gives…but if it is as soggy as the carrots, that may be my last bother with draining yoghurt and fermenting veggies in jars. That would be a pity, cause I’d dearly love to make the dill pickles in summer in small batches rather than the whole crock of weighted, brined pickles bit.

And then, I must say, I am much more interested in THIS sort of fermentation. Now, THAT is a mouthwatering sort of ferment!

I am continuing to wend my way through Fallon’s cookbook; I am deep in the recipe section now. It is full of excerpts from other nutrition writers and researchers in side columns. Some really do seem crack-pot to me, like the guy insisting that only bad nutrition causes disease and bacteria and the like only move in opportunistically AFTERWARDS. (Henry Bieler, MD) Now, mind you, I agree that nutrition is very important — it is a major approach of my own to my various health issues. BUT to say bacteria and the like only attack those ill-nourished? That is foolhardy in the extreme. The Black Plague, for instance, hit all levels of society, as did smallpox. In fact, by Sally Fallon’s own ideals, the Amerindians were likely well nourished, and yet smallpox and other Euro-import germs killed them en masse. So, let’s put that bit of silliness to rest, shall we?

Also, Sally has a bit of a sexist religious axe to grind, it appears. Her own quotes and chosen others try to make the case for “women to stay home to properly feed their children” so as to mystically improve the world. And then…Bible quotes follow on. My eyes, they do cross AND roll. Even if that was my religious bent, which is certainly is not, an awful lot of families find even double paychecks barely suffice these days. And as I said the first article in my project? Her diet plan for health is expensive and time consuming. The apparent “solution” of telling the WOMAN to stay home and cook damn near resulted in ME tossing the book in the recycle bin.

Possibly one more post from this cookbook — when I get there I want to discuss her opinion on the health of grains and how to use them. And then, aside from playing with recipes, I think I will be done with this impractical and rather speculative, and often grasping at straws book. Mind you, I still agree she is right…sugar is the bane of American diet and life; and dropping a lot of processed simple carbs would improve our lives. But other than that ‘take home’ I am dubious about her motivation AND methods.

Also, in other news? Why does EVERY-fucking-BODY screw up protein/snack bars? I am always a-search for a quick nutritious pick-up food. None with just whey protein seem to exist; they always pollute them with either soybean crap or nuts. Or both. So, I was actually very excited to read about THESE. And yes, I sure would nosh on these made from crickets bars, IF the morons had not polluted them with freaking almonds. I just am picky/bitchy that way; don’t like an instant asthma attack with my food.


2 thoughts on “Food Blogging Project: Jan 18 – In a Ferment?

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I ate a “free range” cricket once (opportunistically nabbed while I was picnicking with friends outside a cider mill)- it had a pleasantly nutty flavor.

    The apparent “solution” of telling the WOMAN to stay home and cook damn near resulted in ME tossing the book in the recycle bin.

    Sheesh, one of those. There’s a concept called suspension of dis-beliefs… it’s sticking with a book even though the author disses your beliefs, in the hope that you will glean some useful information.

    The one pickle recipe I swear by is the pickled turnip recipe from Claudia Roden’s Book of Middle Eastern Food. Here’s a pretty good facsimile. Adding a beet to the mixture results in everything taking on a lovely pastel pink color.

    As far as lacto-fermentation goes, would a bit of store-bought kimchi make a better “starter” culture?

    • I don’t know if a kimchi jump start would work better, somehow, I am losing interest in recipes that don’t please me on the first go. If I were a novice cook, I’d be obsessing and trying again and again…but I’ve been cooking for more than 45 years and if I get it wrong right off…something is more likely wrong with the instructions!

      I am mostly surfing the remainder of the book now to experiment with a new sourdough starter…her cherry picking of her own sources is getting on my last nerve.

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